7 Things That Happen When You Do This For One Minute Every Day

A spiky massage ball is one of the best things you will ever use to soothe your sore feet after a long day. Yes, your dog will love it, too. The same applies for cats.

The spiky ball was first used in Denmark as a method for psychiatric patients diagnosed with depression. Psychiatrists used it to determine the mental state of their patients.

The design is really simple, and the durable plastic eases its use.  The spikes aren’t really spikes as their edges are rounded.

You can find it in different sizes, and massage therapists use it to relieve muscle tightness. You can actually use these balls at home, and treat yourself.

1. Prevent foot and ankle injuries

Foot massages always help in the treatment of joint pain, especially after an injury. This treatment provides even better results when combined with strengthening exercises.

You can also prevent injuries or speed up the recovery of an existing injury. Work your food 3-5 times per week to reduce your risk of suffering a debilitating injury.

2. Improve circulation

We spend most of our day sitting behind a desk or scrolling down the newsfeed. Physical activity is important for your feet, and any lack of it causes serious issues. We often wear unfitting shoes that make the problem even worse.

That’s why you should relieve the pain using a spiky ball. Roll your feet over the ball for 10-20 minutes before you go to bed to stimulate the circulation and calm your body and mind. This will give you a good night’s sleep.

3. Relieve headache and migraine

A 2000 study conducted in Denmark confirmed that reflexology treatments helped individuals to relieve their headache and migraine.

Sufferers stopped taking their medication, and three months after they finished the treatments, 65% of them had decreased symptoms and the symptoms were completely gone in some participants.

According to the Danish research, 81% of patients said they were cured or had an incredible relief after six months. Experts reveal that Imitrex, a common medication for migraine, has a 68% success rate in patients.

Migraine sufferers can relieve their pain with a treatment that doesn’t bring profit. That’s why reflexology isn’t pushed as a method to relieve pain.

4. Lower blood pressure

About 7.6 million adult Americans can’t find a remedy for their high blood pressure. That’s one in every three adults. High blood pressure is usually caused by unhealthy eating habits and stress. Genes and environmental factors can also worsen the problem.

A research released in 2013 in BMC Nursing found that a 10-minute foot massage enjoyed three times a week improves mood, treats anxiety and lowers blood pressure. The research involved long-term healthcare staff who was helping elderly diagnosed with dementia.

5. Treats depression and anxiety symptoms

A proper foot massage can relax your body and mind. Moreover, this method can help you cope with anxiety, as confirmed by cancer patients. It also helped them treat depression.

6. Relieves pain of plantar fasciitis and flat feet

Chronic heel pain is usually caused by deterioration of the connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot (plantar fascia). You can relieve the pain by doing foot exercises and massage that targets deep foot tissue. Use a spiky ball to massage your feet, and focus on the arch.

If your foot arch isn’t “normal” because of the ligament laxity, your feet probably hurt. Relieve the pain using a spiky ball.

7. Reduces edema in expecting moms

Edema is a swelling in feet and ankles. It’s caused by fluid retention, and almost every woman has it, usually in the third trimester. Massage your feet using a spiky ball every day, and get enough rest. Don’t forget to eat well.

How to use a spiky ball

You can do it while sitting in a chair. All you have to do is roll the ball around with your feet. Regulate the pressure to enjoy maximum results.

You can also do this while standing, but make sure you find something to hold on. Stand on one leg, and roll the ball for a deep tissue massage. Use a big ball for this method as it provides better stability. Do this for 30 seconds and switch legs.

Other exercises

The spiky ball can help you treat other problems as well:

1. Calf massage

Lie on the floor, and place the ball under your calves. Roll it around while moving with your entire body. Pick the direction that gives you the desired effect.

2. Glute massage

Our glutes are usually sore and tight. You can do a regular activity without activating these muscles, which is why a spiky ball massage is a must. Lie on the floor and place the ball under your glutes. Use the hands for balance, and roll the ball to relieve any pain and soreness.

3. Shoulder massage

Your shoulders carry a bigger burden than you can imagine. To relieve the tension, lean against a wall, and place a ball between your shoulders and the wall. Roll it across the pectoral region, and cover both sides. Target every sore spot on your shoulders.


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