7 Vegetables and Fruits You Can Grow Indoors From Scraps

Composting green waste in your garden means that you have developed a healthy habit of recycling. But, did you know that some of this waste can give new, healthy plants?


Here are the top 7 plants that can grow out of their parts (remains):

1. Potato

This method works for both white and sweet potatoes. Take some sprouted potatoes and dehydrate them at room temperature. If your potatoes are too big, cut them in 2-3 sections and make sure they all have some sprouts on the surface.

Plant them shallow in a pot or in your garden. Once you notice some roots growing, add another layer of soil. Sweet potatoes should have more sprouts and grow better when planted deeper in the soil.

2. Onion

Plant a sprouting onion at a depth of a sentimeter and place the pot in a sunny spot. Water when necessary, but be careful, to much water can make your plant rot. You should notice new sprouts growing out of the plant. When onions start to form, reduce the watering.

3. Garlic

Most of the garlic that you buy comes from China. It is treated with chemicals so it can spend thousands of chemicals and remain “fresh.” If you want a healthy and organic garlic, plant it yourself!

In this way you invest in your health and save money; Home-grown garlic is much healthier and growing your own garlic is super-simple, you you have no excuse of not planting it!

Even though autumn is the best season for planting garlic, you can still plant it whenever you want. Same as onions, it does not like any “invading” grass, so make sure you protect it with a plastic “cover” (wrap) which will also provide it enough moisture.

Garlic improves the growth of tomatoes, lettuce, raspberries, beetroot and roses. Do not plant it near beans or peas.

Planting: Use your finger to make a 5-inch deep hole in yhe soil. Plant the clove with the root pointing downward. After a while, same as with onions, you should see some young sprouts.

4. Lettuce

Place it in a bowl with water. Make sure the root points down. Change the water every day. Spray the leaves with water once in a while. It requires a lot of sunlight. You will be amazed of how fast it grows! You will see some new leaves coming out in just a few days!

5. Pineapple

Cut off the top and remove any remains of the fruit. Leave about 2,5 centimeters of the leaves around the base. Plant it in a warm spot and water it regularly. You can also place it in a container and pour some water in.

Once the plant starts releasing “roots” water it once a week. Pineapple requires patience, and you will enjoy the first fruit in 2-3 years.

6. Celery

Same as with lettuce, cut off celery at about 2-3 centimeters of its root. Place it in a bowl of water. You will see some leaves growing out if you place the bowl in a nice and sunny place. Spray it with water 1-2 a week.

7. Cabbage

Place it in a bowl with water, root-side down. Be careful, the leaves should not be wet, otherwise they will rot. Change the water every day, same as with lettuce, and spray it with water 1-2 a week. Make sure it gets enough sunlight.


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