8 Behaviors People Don’t Realize They Display Because They Are Spiritually Awake

First and foremost, spiritual awakening is difficult to describe, but let’s just say that those who have experienced it tend to be overcome with a flurry of emotions — a kind of realization and acceptance of a greater truth that alters your perception on reality.

Spiritual awakening is somewhat characterized by a state of inner peace in the face of an immutable — and oftentimes unpleasant – truth such as the inevitability of death, but we do not necessarily feel despondent about it.

On the contrary, if anything, going through a fundamental experience such as this can enhance your ethical activity. And, without you even knowing it, your newfound and unique take on life and the world can bring about telltale changes in your attitude and demeanor.

So, if you’ve become spiritually awakened, below are a number of things you are likely to unknowingly do or say.

1. You Stop Believing Everything You Hear Or Read

Every spiritually awakened person becomes, to a certain extent, skeptical of every information they are being served, unless said information is double checked.

Your goal is searching for the closest thing to the truth and you barely even rely on mainstream media, or someone else for that matter, to keep you up to date.

The reason the search for the truth is so painstakingly onerous is because every spiritually awakened individual, besides questioning everything around them, question themselves and their prudence and are seldom absolutely certain that something is as it seems.

2. You Don’t Follow The Mainstream

You refuse to conform and be part of the mainstream and you barely even pay attention to this fact.

You only do what comes most natural to you, which would most certainly not be a 9-5 job or going shopping on Black Friday; no, self-education and self-employment is more your cup of tea and nothing beats the pleasures of being solitary.

3. Spiritual People Want To Save The World

Spiritually awakened people are perpetually puzzled by why the world is as it is: why is there no end to violence and wars, proliferation of hate and enmity, destruction of the natural world, pollution…you name it, and you simply grow overwhelmed and disenchanted by these persistent facts, and all the while the world does not appear to bat an eye and seems unnervingly indifferent, but not you.

Some may call you idealistic, some a dreamer, but you simply don’t care what others think and you realize that helping someone or something in need is the very least you can do to rectify the world around you. Such people are highly empathetic, alas, in a world growing ever-inhospitable to tender souls.

4. You Really Like Alone Time

As we already said, for every spiritually awakened soul, time spent alone is time well spent. And how could it not be since you can barely stand the world as it is, and solitude is one of the only things you can find comfort in.

A bookstore, some obscure coffee shop, and nature are places where you feel most at home. As Byron once wrote,
“There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea and music in its roar,
I love not man the less, but nature more…”

5. You Are Always Open To New Ideas

As someone who is spiritually awake, you can always tell narrow-minded people by their stubbornness and pig-headed and conceited behavior.

Although you have your own way of looking at the world and people, you do not simply spurn and rebuff everybody else’s perspective and you are willing to accept new outlooks and ideas. You can never know everything, but you can always know enough if you are just a bit more broad-minded and receptive.

6. You Always Give People Advice

Those few people who are closest to you know you are, relative to society, an oddball and think outside the box, which is why they can depend on you to give them a good advice.

You are easy to talk to, understanding, and have a distinctive and as-close-to-objective-as-it-gets outlook on things, making you the best person to give advice (or a person to give best advice) to those who need it.

7. You Tend To Dislike Authority

People in authority are people still and you tend to talk to them as such. Authority does not intimidate you and while you may obey the law, you do not necessarily agree or approve with every aspect of it.

Beneath all the badges and uniforms are human beings, and humans err, which is why you constantly question and challenge authority, the rule of law, and those who implement it.

8. You Find The Deeper Meaning In Everything

As a spiritually awakened someone, you experience the universe quite differently than the rest, and although it does not always make sense, you carry on and make due and savor the little things that bring you joy.

You hate small talk, gossip, and tattling and you’d rather be with someone who likes ruminating on more stimulating topics such as the stars, cosmos, the fugacious nature of things, or engross in such thoughts by yourself should there be no one around akin to you.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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