8 Unmistakable Signs Your Essential Oils Are Fake

These days, shopping is easy and you can find essential oils almost everywhere, but it is important that you get the right ones that are completely pure. Yes, maybe you will have to empty your pocket a little bit more, but at least you won’t be getting cheap essential oil.

You will gain a lot more by using a pure essential oil because it is completely natural and extracted from a flower, plant, root, or leaf.

Here are several instructions that you need to look out for when getting natural food.

1. The looks of the container

Make sure that the bottle is made of glass, and that it has an eyedropper bulb. If it is made of plastic, don’t buy it no matter how cheap it seems. You need to keep it in a glass container because of the powerful elements that make the oil what it is.

They can break down and make a reaction when they touch the plastic. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the glass needs to have a dark blue or amber color because it can stop the oil from ultraviolet degradation.

Also, when buying the product, see if it is kept in a cool area because oil can change its properties when placed under high temperature.

2. The name of the oil

If you are buying your oil online, check for the name and see if the label includes the Latin name of the oil. The Latin name shows if the oil is essential or not.

There are vendors that can give you oil with a nice scent that is added from a perfume. Just to make it clear, if you are getting a peppermint essential oil, look for its Latin name which should be Mentha x Piperita.

3. The price of the product

Not always, but in most cases, the products with high quality have bigger prices. Those with cheaper prices should be avoided because it can be a scam. However, sometimes, even the most expensive product can be fake, so you need to buy with caution.

Essential oils have high prices, so try to be understandable because companies which produce these oils, use a lot of ingredients to make them as they are.

For instance, for 1 pound of lavender oil, they use around 150 pounds of lavender flowers, which is a big amount. However, if you truly need the oil, it won’t be a problem to give a few bucks more. All in all, you will be sure that you are getting the right product.

4. The way it was harvested and produced

The essential oil is completely natural and made of plants, so you need to look out for oil that won’t inflict pesticide contamination. Make sure that you look for a sign that says “wild-crafted.”

Wildcrafting is a profession that uses all-natural plants and flowers that were gardened in the wild and they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals.

5. Is a statement about purity absent?

You want to stay away from essential oils that are put in bottles that don’t state 100% pureness. On labels that don’t provide explanation, it is probably so because these oils are combined with other ingredients.

6. Check the scent of the oil

If you are always getting your oil from the same firm and the smell never changes, it can be a bad sign. The oils change their scent from time to time, which means that the company isn’t using any chemicals, especially synthetic in order to replicate the same scent.

The plant depends on the amount of rain and water it got, including the air temperature, the growing period or the soil content. This means that if the scent changes a little bit, the oil is not fake.

7. The way it pours

When you open the bottle or container, see the way it was sealed. For sealing, the company is supposed to seal it with an “orifice reducer.” This item is actually controlling how many drops can fall at once.

This gives you the ability to control how many drops you actually use. Also, it stops the process of oxidation, prolonging the life of the oil. Never use rubber or plastic droppers because this material can break down and you won’t get pure essential oil.

8. It fails the purity test

After you buy your oil, make sure that you do the purity test by releasing one drop of the oil on a piece of paper and wait until it gets dry. If the oil leaves a ring, there are big chances that it is fake, except for oils that have deeper color or heavy consistency.

Nowadays, you always need to be careful about what you buy in order to avoid fake products because after all, you are probably buying yourself essential oils for a good reason.

Don’t spend your money on worthless products and take your time when you are choosing one.


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