8 Year-Old Mexican Girl Wins Nuclear Sciences Prize For Inventing A Solar Water Heater

Young Greta is a true inspiration for many children across the world, and her story led to the revelation of many other powerful minds. Have you ever heard of Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz?

She’s the 8-year-old girl from Mexico who got the attention of UNAM’s Institute of Nuclear Sciences.

They were amazed with her great invention. Xóchitl made a solar-powered device that can heat water.

The device is made with recycled and recyclable material. This invention may be nothing for countries with highest development rate, but in her community, people struggle to get their hot water.

They have to cut up logs which leads to uncontrolled release of fumes and deforestation. It’s a big problem, and this little girl seems to have found the perfect solution.

Xóchitl is interested in science, and he always takes parts in competitions to prove everyone that her knowledge is huge. Hopefully, this invention will help underdeveloped countries. Millions of people will be able to use the solar-powered water heater. Most of them use wood to heat up their water.

This invention works for both people and the environment. Fancy a hot bath in cold winter mornings? Xóchitl can help you with that one.

Xóchitl’s family has already installed the device on the roof of their home. They have hot water all the time, and Xóchitl even knows how to save water. Her showers are really quick, and there’s plenty of water for other members of her family.

For us, Xóchitl is a genius and hero of modern times. We do hope that her story will encourage other great minds in the world. We need geniuses to join forces and save the planet.

Let’s make the world a better place to live in. Let’s protect all those trees and use other resources. What’s your idea on this? We already have a few great ideas ready to be released.



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