9 Reasons Being Alone Is Good For You

Do you like being alone? Some people can’t even cope with their loneliness. But, there’s a big difference between being alone and loneliness. You have to learn how to make a difference first.

Being alone is sometimes great. It helps you recharge your batteries. Disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and see what happens next. We all need that rest.

As we already noted, some people don’t like being left alone. It’s a real nightmare for them. But, you really need this time off. Reed W. Larson conducted a study to emphasize this importance.

According to the findings, “Adolescents … who spent an intermediate amount of their time alone were better adjusted than those who spent little or a great deal of time alone.”

Yes, you may like having your friends and family over but make sure you give yourself some time alone. You can do everything alone. Go to the cinema, buy yourself something nice, grab your favorite coffee… Do it alone! You will feel really great. And free, of course.

We give you 9 great reasons to be alone and heal your body and mind:

1. Clear mind

Sometimes we are drowning in information. We call our friends, our colleagues keep asking favors and our closest family members deal with a problem. Sometimes it’s just too much. Give yourself some time alone and shut down the noise around you. You need this peace to clear your mind.

2. Creativity

Let your thoughts wander. This will hep you come up with some creative ideas. You can’t think well in a room full of people, right?

3. Confidence

You can’t be confident if you pay too much attention to outside nose. Be alone to appreciate your value. Your inner voice will become stronger and you will be ready for the challenges this world throws at you.

4. Independence

There’s nothing more attractive than an independent person. Live your best life. This means that you will be comfortable with yourself. You don’t need company to feel good, build your independence gradually.

5. Clear perception

Give yourself time to process everything that has happened to you. Do this without listening to other people. This will give you a clearer perception in life.

6. No stress and anxiety

Expectations give you stress and anxiety. Lower your expectations and put some perspective on them. Where does this leave you?

7. Clear priorities

Think about all the great things that matter in life. Get to know yourself better. Spend some time alone and think of your priorities. Outside noise can impact the process.

8. Productivity

Being alone gives you enough time to think of your dreams and goals. This bubble will help you prioritize the important things in life. Be alone and your productivity will go really high.

9. Relationships

You may be used to do everything with your partner but trust me, you need some time alone to think of everything and clear your mind. That’s the only way to understand yourself and the people around you.

Source: www.forbes.com


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