9 Terrific Reasons to Use Hydrogen Peroxide in the Garden

Along with baking soda and vinegar, hydrogen peroxide is also regarded as one of the most effective products, known for their various purposes. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in the case of injuries and to sanitize them.

However, hydrogen peroxide can be an effective tool in your garden as well. Forget about the expensive store-bought products and try hydrogen peroxide. You will see the amazing results, trust me!

9 Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden

1. Mix Mildew and Mold with Peroxide

Heat, moisture, and dirt can create mildew and mold. Peroxide can help you to effectively get rid of the mold and mildew. Just mix 10 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in 1 liter of water. Spray the mixture every day until you notice improvements.

2. Can Help Heal Sick Plants

Peroxide can also treat root rot. A too compact soil can lead to development of root rot. All you have to do is mix two parts water with 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide. You should put the mixture over the roots that are infected.

3. Treat The Water with Hydrogen Peroxide

Healthier water will take care of your water, making them healthy. Adding a small amount of peroxide will make your water healthier because the peroxide can effectively eliminate the pesticides and chemicals from the tap water.

4. Helps Seeds to Grow Faster

Did you know that you can help seeds to grow faster? Yes, a solution of peroxide and water can speed up the process of growth. Before you plant and rinse the seeds, just soak them in the solution for a few minutes.

5. Peroxide a Rooting Agent

The roots known as the base of the plant are of utmost important for the plant to be strong and healthy. In fact, you can help in this process.

Just add a small amount of peroxide which will significantly boost the roots. Moreover, this will revive the limp leaves. Just spray the solution into the soil around the plant.

6. Keeps Bugs Away

When it comes to the problem with bugs, forget about the expensive store-bought chemicals! Hydrogen peroxide can keep bugs away!

Use 1% hydrogen peroxide to spray the plants. This is an effective protection for your plants. Try it!

7. Can Disinfect Garden Tools

To prevent the spreading of diseases in your plants and entire garden, it is very important to sanitize the garden tools you use. Mix one gallon of water with 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide and soak your garden tools in the solution.

8. Helps Aerate the Soil

Water, air, and food are essential for the plants so they can survive. If you have a problem with compact soil, don’t forget that the roots can’t get the proper circulation so they can have a proper growth.

Also, this can contribute to the development of diseases. So, you need to aerate the soil around your plants. Just mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts of water and apply the solution to the roots.

9. Can Prevent Infections on Cut Trees and Plants

The solution of water and peroxide is also very beneficial in the case of infections on roots and leaves. Not only that will prevent the spread of disease, but will also disinfect the area.

Note:  Even though hydrogen peroxide is safe and extremely useful for garden and personal use, keep in mind that it is still a chemical.

Hydrogen peroxide should not be boiled because it can explode! Make sure to use the proper mixture for every purpose!

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