9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

The Western medicine still does not recognize the connection body-mind, and spirit-emotions.

Regardless of the many pieces of evidence which point out that there is a connection between physical and emotional state, it seems that the people are still not paying enough attention to this.

So, be careful with these signs, and you are on a good way to the holistic health and lifestyle:

1. Headache

The daily stress is considered as the main cause of a headache. Make sure to find time for relaxation, and you will be able to reduce the stress.

2. Neck Pain

If you feel pain in your neck, it is possible to have a problem forgiving something to someone, or forgiving yourself as well. Whenever you experience a neck pain, think about all the good stuffs that you like in others.

3. Shoulder Pain

The pain in your shoulders can indicate that you are carrying heavy emotional baggage. Focus on solving the problem, and transferring a part of the emotional baggage on some other.

4. Upper Back Pain

This could be a sign that you do not have enough emotional support, meaning that you are feeling not loved. If you do not have a person beside you, stop thinking and go on a date…

5. Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can mean that you are upset about money. There is an option to ask for a salary increase or improve your planning when it comes to finances.

6. Hand pain

Pain in the hands can mean that you are not reaching out to others in the right way. Make new friends, have lunch with your colleagues, and create new relationships.

7. Elbow Pain

It can indicate that you have a resistance to the change in your life. If there is stiffness in your arms, it means that the same is with your life. Compromise, and don’t take too many responsibilities.

8. Hips pain

This means that you are too scared to move, meaning that you are too cautious when making decisions or you are resistant to change.

9. Knee pain

The pain in the knee can be a sign that your ego is too big and you are taking everything very serious. Engage yourself in some volunteering action, and remember that you are mortal.

Source: www.higherperspectives.com


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