A Psychiatrist Reveals His 10 Best Pieces Of Advice To Improve Your Mental Health And Happiness

Dr. Max Pemberton, a psychiatrist, has been working with patients for many years. Throughout his conversations with all those people, he notice a few interesting details about their lives.

It was all about the patient’s happiness. Most people couldn’t hold on to something that made them happy. According to Dr. Max, even those who face adversity and tribulations have a reason to be happy.

We should all try to find a positive strain in every negative situation.

Dr. Max made a list of 10 things that will help you find your happiness. He created the list after all the conversations he had with his patients, so it’s an efficient method.

1. Stop worrying

Think about all the time you have spent worrying about things that could have happened in your live. It’s too much, right?

One of the patients Dr. Max had was always worried about something. The psychiatrist wrote down all the complaints his patient talked about, and they realized that none of those fears actually came true.

2. The thing you are mad about isn’t actually the thing that makes you mad

Another patient complained of her husband who didn’t want to do the dishes. They argued all the time. Dr. Max said that they could get a dishwasher to solve the problem, but that wouldn’t actually solve their problem.

The couple would have continued arguing about other things. The dishes were never a real problem, and the woman was actually worried that her husband may not show enough interest in her.

3. Treat yourself nicely

Dr. Max was surprised by all the patients who had low opinion of themselves. We tend to be mean to ourselves, and that’s a huge mistake.

Learn how to be kinder to yourself. It doesn’t take too much energy.

4. Be nice to other people

Don’t worry about what others say, do, wear or think. It’s not your job to judge others.

Get rid of the negative thoughts in your head, and your mood will improve drastically. It doesn’t take much effort to be nice to others.

5. Look for another job

You may be in a desperate need of change. We are too focused on our job, and that is your silent killer. If you suffer at work, this suffering will slowly metastasize to other parts of your live.

6. Accept others or move on

Don’t spend your free time and energy to change others. This will consume all your energy. Don’t be angry about silly things. You are just wasting your time and energy. Accept people for who they are or just move on and find happiness with someone else.

7. Don’t say you’re fine all the time

Don’t sugarcoat things. If your life is bad, then accept the fact and do something about it. You can’t just say you are fine all the time if things fall apart.

Everything will become better if you take it all out and talk about your problems.

8. Say ‘no’ if you feel like doing so

There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘no’ if you feel that way. In this way you will be free to do things that make you happy without being worried about it.

9. Talk it out

You need to have at least one friend or family member who will always be here for a talk. You have to talk about your emotions and thoughts. A journal is always a good idea or you can just see a psychiatrist.

Find your “outlet,” and get out of your head. That’s how you break the vicious cycle negative thinking creates in your head.

10. Tell people you love them

Life is too short to be quiet about your feelings. Always speak your mind, and tell people you care about them. One day, you will be grateful for that.



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