All It Took To Clean Up This Beach Was A Big Fish Sculpture Named Goby

Goby is here to save the world! We’ve seen so many sad photos of dead fish with their bellies full of plastic.

Plastic pollution is one of the worst disasters that have ever happened to this world, and we don’t do much to find a solution to the problem. Plastic kills marine life and the population of birds suffers a decline.

The Goby project worked really well. However, there are two different fish, and we have covered both stories in this article. We do hope that this will give you the motivation you need to take care of our planet.

According to experts, but 2050, ocean waters will have more plastic than fish. There’s a brand new technology out there, and it cleans up oceans. Local recycling can also help. That’s what makes Goby The Fish and Yoshi The Fish so special.

So, instead dumping your trash in the ocean, “feed the fish.” Goby is a giant see-through fish. There’s a sign on it, and it reads, “Goby loves plastic, please feed him.” Great idea, right?

Goby and Yoshi (Malpe Beach, India) have attracted the attention of many people across the globe.

These are completely different sculptures. They were designed to raise the general awareness about the damage caused by plastic.

Janardhan Havanje signs the design of “Yoshi The Fish.” It’s made of iron rods. Havanje spent $6461 to make the giant sculpture (10 feet by 7 feet). Yoshi is filled with plastic waste from the beaches.

Every beach needs a Yoshi. We need more sculptures of this kind. Beaches and parks are full of plastic. It ends up in our waters, and kills our fish.

When will governments start off an initiative to stop the destruction of our planet? Hopefully, you will be inspired to do anything similar. Go outside and do something about this planet.



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