Amazon is Selling a DIY Backyard Guest House That Can Be Built in 8 Hours

This article is great for those interested in DIY projects. Today, you can make pretty much anything that pops in your mind, and we suggest that you use your creativity to the max.

Can you imagine building a guest house? That’s your new DIY project!

We know that it’s not easy to bring your entire home into such a small place, but you can always use it as a studio or guest house. An atelier maybe?

The best part comes when you realize that Amazon sells the Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit with all the parts you need, and the instructions are easy and simple. You will have to pay $7,250 for that.

You can build your 172 house in eight hours. Of course, you will need an assistant to get everything ready?

The only thing you will need to take care is the HVAC part and the electricity. Are you worried about your bathroom? Don’t worry. You can buy indoor bathroom kits, and add one to your 172-square home.

Before you start constructing your home, make a foundation. You will need a concrete slab or gravel-and-wood beam. You don’t have to dig anything.

What’s your favorite color? Paint your home the way you like. The wooden structure make it easy for you to paint. Rely on your imagination, and decorate your tiny home.



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