Ancient Miracle Balm That Heals Open Wounds, Cuts and Burns

The recipe for this miracle homemade balm comes from Russia, and it is several centuries old. People have used it to treat many diseases.

It is made from three ingredients only, and it is quite effective. You can use the miracle balm to treat angina, bronchitis, swellings, open sores, inflammation of the ovaries, ulcers, bruises, cracked hands and feet and other health conditions. It is also ideal for the treatment of burns.


The use and application depend on the type of the condition you want to treat. Read some more detailed instructions for use further in the text.

Here is the recipe for this balm:

You need the following three ingredients to make the miraculous balsam:

  • 1 egg
  • 400ml plant oil (preferably St. John’s Wort oil, but you can use olive, or other high-quality plant oil)
  • 60 g beeswax


First, cook the egg. Separate the yolk and mash it. Pour the oil in a pan, and add the wax. Cook on a low heat until the wax melts in the oil.

When it comes to a boil and starts sizzling, add the yolk, bit by bit. When the oil starts foaming, remove the pan quickly from the stove.

Once it settles, put it back on the stove and keep adding the egg yolk. Stir constantly using a spoon. When the mixture becomes dark brown, take it off the heat and let it rest for 15-20 min.

Strain it using a gauze or a thick strainer. Keep the balm into a glass jar.

Once it is strained, you do not need the yolk anymore, and you can throw it away. Once the mixture thickens in the jar, you can keep it up to 10 months in the fridge.

How to use the miraculous balm?

The miracle balm works great, regardless of whether it is applied locally or orally. Apply it on burns, wounds, aching areas, or use it together with your compress. If you decide to apply it orally, take ½ teaspoon three times a day, before your meals. This balm is absolutely safe, and it causes no side effects.


Take a tablespoon of the balm and melt it. Pour it in a pipette. Apply it through your nose at an interval of 1 hour. You should do this really fast, so the balm does not become thick.

Tonsillitis and purulent angina

Use the  balm orally, in the throat, and apply the compress on your neck. Melt the balm over steam, and your compress is ready for use.

Bronchitis, body ulcers, abdominal pain

Take half a teaspoon of the balm, 3 times a day, before your meals.

Diseases of the female reproductive system, ovarian cysts, inflammation, fibroids, mastitis

Soak a tampon in this balm and insert it in the vagina twice a day (morning and evening). You can treat cysts for 10-15 days. In cases of mastitis, apply some of the balm on a napkin or handkerchief, and place it across your chest. Wrap with a nylon sheet or bag. Change the napkin every 2 hours.

Ulcers, burns, wounds, toothache, swelling, joint pain

Apply some of the balm on the sore spot, wrap and keep it on overnight. If the wound is small, you can apply the balm using cotton pads.


Put some of the balm on a napkin or handkerchief, place it over the affected area, and wrap it with a nylon sheet or bag. Do not panic if you see some pus coming out of the wound.


Fold the gauze so it resembles a tampon, apply some of the balm, and insert it in. Leave it in overnight. Repeat the treatment up to 10 days, or until you notice some improvement.

Strengthen your nails

Apply some of the balm on your nails before you go to bed. Leave it on during the night.

Note: If you use this miraculous balm locally, you can use any natural oil. If you apply it orally, make sure you use olive oil. St. John’s Wort oil works best if you are treating female genital problems.


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