Ancient Russian Remedy Passed From Generation to Generation That Cures Many Diseases

We bring you the recipe for this remedy from one popular Russian website of alternative medicine. This ointment is very easy to prepare and also is very effective.


People use this salve to cure bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, swelling, bruises, open wounds, cracks on the hands and feet, sore ovaries, trophic ulcers, female diseases.

This ointment has been used successfully for burns.


  • 400 ml cold-pressed oil (olive or coconut oil)
  • 1 egg yolk (use organic eggs only!)
  • 60g bee wax


Boil the egg, and for this recipe you will need the yolk only. Crush or mash it finely. Put the remaining two ingredients in a small pot and cook at medium temperature.

Once the wax melts, add the egg yolk in, but be careful, you should not add it all at once. Add bit by bit. Your oil should start boiling, and if you see any foam, take the pot off the heat and put it back once you add the last bit of the egg yolk.

Strain and transfer the mixture in a jar. Stir the mixture 2-3 times before it thickens to prevent the wax from ‘sinking’ at the bottom of the jar.


This ointment is super effective. When used as a compress, it should be warmed up. Steaming works finely, and the temperature should not go above 40 degrees Celsius.

This ointment helps in the treatment of:

1. Inflamed sinuses

Melt some of the ointment and transfer it in a pipette. You should do this super fast to prevent it from thickening. Put the drops in your nose twice a day, and the period between each application should be an hour. The ointment unclogs sinuses and attaches all the pus to it.

2. Acute otitis media

Soak a piece of cotton in the melted ointment, and apply it into your ear. Put another piece if necessary, and make sure to apply some of the ointment behind your ear as well. The ointment will pull out the pus.

3. Tonsilitis

If you deal with tonsilitis, abscess or inflamed tonsils, drop some of the ointment in your throat and apply compresses on your throat. If you do this in the evening, repeat the procedure 2-3 times, and abscess will break open until the next morning.

4. Bronchitis, problems with digestive tract

When treating bronchitis, stomach ache or ulcers, take half a teaspoon of the remedy, three times a day. Do this before your meals.

5. Female diseases

this remedy works great in the treatment of fibroma, mastitis, inflammation and ovarian cysts. Soak a tampon in the melted ointment and insert it in your vagina. Do this twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. Some women claim that their cysts had disappeared after 10 days. The treatment of fibromas lasts for longer.

In cases of mastitis, you should apply a piece of paper towel soaked in ointment on the affected area. Secure with clean film. Replace the compress every 2 hours.

6. Burns

Burns, ulcers, sores, and joint pain – apply some of the ointment on the affected area and wrap with a warm cloth. For optimal results, do this overnight.  If your sores are not that big, you can use a piece of cotton that you have previously soaked in the ointment.

7. Toothache

Apply some of the ointment on your tooth and the gum.

8. Gangrene and ulcers

Apply compresses soaked in the ointment, and replace them every 2 hours. This will help you pull out all the pus.

9. Hemorrhoids

Fold a gauze into a tampon-like shape and soak it into the ointment. Insert it into your rectum overnight. You should notice some improvement after 8-10 hours.

10. Strengthen your nails

Use this ointment to coat your nails every night.

The ointment works best when used overnight. Use olive oil for oral application, and if you need to apply this ointment topically, you can use any other oil.


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