At Least 350 Koalas Burn To Death In Australian Bushfires

Australian bushfires have destroyed half the koalas living on the coastal reserve located in New South Wales. Australia is affected by a large number of intense fires, and the population of koalas is in danger.

Last month, the bushfires destroyed two-thirds of koalas’ natural habitat at the Lake Innes Nature Reserve. The rest of the area is under a threat from another 15 major blazes in the southeastern part.

Unfortunately, bushfires have killed 350 koalas living on the reserve in the north coast town of Port Macquarie. That’s the estimation of the group Koala Conservation Australia. The group’s president, Sue Ashton reveals that the total number of koalas in the reserve was around 500-600.

Rescued koalas are nursed at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. The koalas are taken care of, and their wounds are healed. The cuties are fed eucalyptus leaves and formula.

Amanda Gordon is a leader of the team of carers. Her team knows how to recognize the signals of pain. It’s usually teeth grinding or distress. Although they have a lot of experience under the belt, the team has hard time recognize some of the problems koalas have.

Some animals look really well, but experts can’t tell if there’s a process inside their bodies. Gordon has been part of the hospital for 15 years.

Carers will need at least ten days to assess the full damage to koalas in this area.

The population of koalas varies in Australia. It goes from 50,000 to 100,000. These beauties live in eucalypt forests in eastern states and coastal fringes. A koala can live up to 20 years. Moms carry their babies in a pouch and believe it or not, they sleep for up to 18 hours a day!

Climate changes affect koalas’ habitat. Deforestation is a key problem, as noted by James Tremain of the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales.

Bushfires have destroyed a big portion of the natural habitat koalas have, and high temperatures are also a problem.

Koalas in New South Wales are in great danger. The decline continues at the same rate as it used to 20-30 years. Koalas may be extinct in the wild by mid-century.

In 2012, koalas were listed as threatened species, and today, they are labelled as vulnerable.



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