This Bath Heals Your Body Of Acidity, Skin Problems, Arthritic Joint Pain And Muscle Cramps

An occasional detox bath is something that we all need. Most detox baths use Epsom salts due to its various health benefits and its ability to eliminate toxins from the body.

However, today we are about to reveal an even more effective detox bath. It is made of Epsom salt and Himalayan salt, which work together to help us against different health issues.

They are not very expensive, extremely effective, and do not cause any side-effects!

So, let’s find out more about the health benefits of these incredible salts.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is high in sulfate and magnesium. It is very important to use pure Epsom salt, because it can be of agricultural or food grade. The skin is the largest detoxification organ.

When doing an Epsom salt bath, sulfate and mineral are combined and they work together to eliminate all the toxins through the skin.

In fact, they are absorbed through your skin and can increase the levels of magnesium and sulfate in the body.

It is scientifically proven that taking an Epsom salt bath can increase the levels of magnesium in your body. Moreover, it does not come with any adverse effects!

Himalayan Salt

It is believed that Himalayan salt is the oldest, purest, and the most uncontaminated salts in the world. It supplies your body with various essential minerals.

Try adding it to your bath. It is a real energy booster! It contains minerals and salts that will be absorbed by your skin.

Health Benefits of Salt Bath

  • Eliminates toxins through the skin
  • Reduces acidity and helps balance the pH levels in the body
  • Relieves pre-menstruation symptoms (cramps, migraines, bloating)
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves respiratory health
  • Soothes sunburn and insect bites
  • Relives arthritic joint pains and muscle cramps
  • Improves sleep, relaxes muscles and reduces stress
  • Purifies, cleanses, and nourishes your body with essential minerals
  • Accelerates healing of swelling, bruising, small cuts, strained or torn muscles and ligaments.
  • Due to its potent antiseptic properties, it can treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and dry skin.

How to use this super detox salt bath?

According to Dr David Jockers, the amount of the salt depends on the weight of the person. The following amounts should be used for a standard size bathtub. It holds 25-30 gallons of water.

Epsom salt measurements:

  • Children under 60 lbs: ½ cup
  • Individuals between 60-100 lbs: 1 cup
  • Individuals between 100-150 lbs: 1½ cups
  • Individuals between 150-200 lbs: 2 cups
  • For every 50 lb more—add an additional ½ cup of salts

If this is the first time you are doing this, it is recommended to start only with Epsom salt. Then, you can add Himalayan salt.


It is not recommended to use this salt if you have burns, open wounds, cardiovascular problems or you are pregnant. If you are taking some medications, make sure to consult your doctor.

First of all, make sure to rub your bathtub in order to remove any dirt. Fill it with enough water so you can dissolve both types of salts. You should not use too hot water, especially if you are having problems with high blood pressure.

Also, you should not add soaps, oils, or shampoos. After taking the salt bath, make sure not to rinse, just towel dry.

Before taking the bath, you should have a light and healthy meal. This will prevent you getting dizzy from low sugar or an empty stomach.

We need to mention that it is very important to be hydrated. Drink plenty of water before the bath and afterwards. While taking the bath, you should drink a bottle of water. If you want to relax more, you can listen to some music.

It is recommended to stay in for 40 minutes. In this way, your body will be able to absorb the minerals efficiently. You may feel a bit dizzy. So, drain the water and slowly get out of the bathtub.

You may notice that the water has become milky in color. However, it all depends on your health. This shows that the toxins are removed from your body.

To obtain the best results, you should do this procedure 2-3 times a week. However, if you can’t handle it, make sure to do it at least once.



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