Be Careful ! What Are You Buying: Did You Know What Does The Stickers on The Fruits Mean?

You have probably noticed that all the fruits in your local supermarket are labeled with stickers, but how much do you know about these stickers and their meaning?


Stickers have a code to show you something:

1. If the stickers have a 4 digit code that starts off with 3 or 4, the produce was grown in the second half of the 20th Artificial fertilizers are also common in the cultivation of these fruits.

2. Stickers with 5 digit codes that start with the number 9 are labeled on fruits that have been grown traditionally for thousands of years. This produce is also considered organic, free of pesticides and fertilizers.

3. GMO fruits have stickers with a 5 digit code, starting off with 8.

Now that you know more about these stickers, we bet that you will choose your produce carefully. This will have a huge impact on your health.

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