Be Happy!

What makes you happy in life? It’s all about happiness. It’s all about being yourself. Don’t stress over all the people who don’t like you. You can’t make everyone happy. You will feel much better once you realize that.

You woke up today. That’s the only thing that matters. Some people don’t even make it. Do you have fresh drinking water? Yes? Millions of people can’t afford that. Do you have enough food to make a decent meal? Yes? You are happier than millions of other people.

It’s time to be grateful for everything you have in life. Be grateful for the small things. They may be small for you, but some people go to bed hungry.

Life revolves around happiness, sadness, problems and great times. Your problems will go away at some point. Every problem has at least two solutions. Don’t forget that.

Never ever chase money, followers, or titles. It’s all about your happiness. Respect people who give you kindness and humility. Be generous. Life is too short to be mean.



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