Bears Kept Stealing Honey From Man’s Farm, So He Turned Them Into Bona Fide Honey Tasters

Beekeepers have to work really hard to keep the business going, and Ibrahim Sedef knows it best. Bears like to invade bee farms and cause irreversible damage.

But, Sedef had the ultimate solution to this problem. His solution works for both the bear and his bees.

Bears are now used as honey tasters, and yes, they are doing their job perfectly!

Sedef, agricultural engineer in the beekeeping industry, lives and works in Trabzon, Turkey. Local bears were his top enemies. They were wandering around the area, and munching on his tasty honey.

Metal cages didn’t work, because bears are too smart and they can actually open them.

Sedef thought bears would give up on his honey if he leaves some food outside the beehives. They ate it all, and still went after his honey.

Sedef spend days learning new stuff about bears. He decided to turn his problem into his major convenience. I mean, bears are good connoisseurs of honey. So, Sedef used their help without paying for the advice.

The beekeeper set up a picnic table and four different kinds of honey. He labeled the honey, and found out that bears have a fancy taste.

Sedef found out that bears like his Anzer honey. They ate it first. Cherry blossom honey? Not on their list.

You can buy two pounds of Anzer honey for $300. But, it’s not the most expensive honey in the world. Elvish honey is produced in Turkey, in the walls of a 1,800 meter deep cave in the Saricayir valley of Artvin City. A kilo of this honey costs about $1,000!

Anzer honey is really popular in Turkey. It’s a great remedy for multiple symptoms, and you should try it to treat respiratory issues. Anzer honey optimizes liver and relieves the symptoms of tonsil infections.

The Anzer Plateau is set really high. About 40 endemic flowers and hundreds unique plants grow in that area.



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