Being Obsessed With Dinosaurs Enhances Kids’ Intelligence

Many parents like to boast how astute and clever their little children are, yet it is seldom that your child can get the better of an expert. Well, 10-year-old Charlie, from Essex, England, managed to outsmart a whole museum of experts while on a visit at The Natural History Museum with his family.

Charlie saw that one of the signs at the museum was erroneously labeled Oviraptor, as the illustration was clearly that of a Protoceratops.

Later on Charlie and his family were thanked in a letter from the museum for Charlie taking notice of this mistake and the letter further encouraged the boy to continue nurturing his interest in paleontology.

Of course, this is only an exception. Millions of kids around the world develop interest that can later grow into obsession for a certain thing (it doesn’t necessarily have to be dinosaurs) and these interests/obsessions actually speak volumes about your child’s potential.

Study has shown that these obsessions in children help enhance their cognitive functions, problem-solving skills, and attention span as they will do pretty much anything to learn as much as possible about their newfound obsession.

And in their search for answers, children will start searching for answers and ask their parents, teachers, and even friends for help.

According to psychologists, roughly 20% of young children managed to nourish their passion as they grew older. Sadly, most of the children started to lose interest once they were enrolled in school.

So, as parents, what can you do to foster and help your kids maintain their passion for time to come? Below are a few suggestions.

1. Time Management

Naturally, if your children do not have enough time in the day to dedicate themselves to their passion, they will quickly lose interest in it.

Which is why you should help your children manage and, more importantly, balance their time so they will have ample of it do their homework, chores, and attend to the thing they truly enjoy doing.

2. Don’t Force It

Study has found that a child’s interest develops better on its own, with little to no guidance from their parents.

If you push your child into learning something, they might feel uncomfortable and what was initially amusing and genuinely engrossing for them may soon become burdensome and tedious. Allow your child to learn the secrets of their passion for themselves and you’ll be doing them a great favor.

3. Make Connections

Another important way for your child to keep their passion alive is to teach them to find links between what they love and the world that surrounds them, otherwise they won’t see the relevance of their passion to the real world.

This way they can not only learn about the thing they love, but also learn to apply it.

So, to all parents, do not take your child’s genuine interest and inquisitiveness about something for granted next time.

Try to guide your kid to truly care, nurture, and, when the time comes, apply their passion, without forcing them along the way, and you will be helping them a great deal in discovering themselves and what they aspire to become.



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