Brazilian Care Home Creates ‘Hug Tunnel’ So Loved Ones Can Embrace Elderly Relatives

During this horrible pandemic, we’ve all realized one thing – how important are our loved ones and their health. We want to spend all of our time with them, making sure they know how much they mean to us.

Brazil has suffered a lot in this pandemic, with more than a million of sick people, and over 50 000 deaths. This situation is especially hard on people in care homes, since their loved ones can’t visit them.

In south Brazil, a care home, Três Figueiras, has enabled to bring some love to its residents, in a creative way. A ‘hug tunnel’ was created, allowing visitors to embrace their loved ones who live in the home.

After Mother’s Day, people working at the facility noticed that some of the residents were feeling down. So, they wanted to do something good for their residents, and that was when they saw a viral video, featuring a woman who created a plastic curtain, so that she could hug her mother.

That’s how they got the idea and took inspiration, so the ‘hug tunnel’ was created.

One of the owners, Luciana Brito, told CNN: “We noticed that our senior residents were feeling sad. We thought they would be much happier if we found a way for them to hug their relatives.”

In the facility, there are 28 residents, who have been in isolation since 17.03. The only communication they have with the outside world is via video calls.

The tunnel is attached to one of the facility entrances, and includes a large plastic sheet and four arm holes, covered in plastic.

The arm holes allow people to hug, without being in direct contact, and the holes are in three different heights, to accommodate people in wheelchairs and kids. The area is disinfected every 30 minutes, visitors have their temperature checked and apply hand sanitizer.

The residents are thrilled with the idea, and say it is a perfect invention during this awful pandemic, since it keeps them safe from infections while making it possible for them to hug their loved ones.



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