Burn Coffee Grounds To Keep Mosquitoes Away + 27 More Brilliant Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are the perfect cleaning agent and can be used as natural beauty product.

Do you like coffee? We like to start the day with a cup of our favorite coffee. What about all the coffee grounds you are left with? Well, we give you a few good ideas on how to use coffee grounds in your home.


1. Gentle abrasive

Use coffee grounds to remove crusty stains. It doesn’t damage your dishes and doesn’t cost a thing. Use this method on your cast iron and other hard to clean utensils.

2. Absorb odor

Fill a jar or cup with coffee grounds and keep it in your fridge to absorb bad odors. Leave it open. Replace the grounds once a month or every couple of weeks if your fridge smells really bad.

3. Bad cooking smell

Most of us like to cook but the kitchen smells really bad after that. Add a cup of coffee grounds to two cups of water and let this simmer while you are cooking. This will help you get rid of funky smells.

4. Garlic and onion smell

Always have a jar of coffee grounds next to your sink. Scrub your hands with the grounds after dicing your onions and garlic. Your hands won’t be smelly and the grounds will also make them soft and smooth.

5. Marinade/Rub

Add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to your marinade or rub the grounds on your meet directly. This will give your meat a smoky flavor and you won’t have to use the barbeque.


6. Ice melter

Use coffee grounds to clean up icy sidewalks. Coffee is acidic and it melts the ice. Its structure makes things easier.

7. Grill

Scrub your grill with a damp sponge and some coffee grounds. Rinse with water and get ready for your next grilling.

8. Repel mosquitoes

Burn coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes in hot summer days. Add the grounds to a pie dish and add 1-2 drops of charcoal lighter fluid. Light it up and let the grounds burn for a couple of minutes. Use a damp paper towel to smother and enjoy the lovely day outside without any mosquitoes buzzing around.

9. No cats

Cats don’t like coffee so sprinkling grounds around your garden is a nice idea.

Arts & Crafts

10. Natural brown dye

You can add coffee grounds to your yarn and fabric. Grounds work well when used on Aida cloth. What about Easter eggs? The list of uses is endless. Boil coffee grounds with vinegar and dye your Easter eggs. Use different amounts of grounds to get different shades.

11. Fake beard stubble

Halloween is in less than two months and you can use coffee grounds. Put a thick layer of cold cream or petroleum jelly on your face and pad dry coffee grounds. That’s your beard!

12. Playdough

Kids have lots of fun while playing with their new playdough and coffee grounds come really handy here.

13. Weathered look on wood

Use coffee grounds, vinegar, and steel wool to give your wood a weathered look. It’s super easy!

14. Fresh closet and drawers

You need old stockings for this one. Cut off the foot and add a half cup of coffee grounds to the stockings. Tie the bottom and toss the stockings in your drawer or closet. The grounds will absorb bad odors. Use different designs for better appearance.

15. Fake fossils

Your kids will love this! Poke a hole in the top of these using a wooden skewer. This may be the perfect gift for the grandparents. Check out the internet for more instructions.

16. Treasure stones

Hide small toys inside coffee grounds. This is a nice addition to every themed party. It’s fun and everyone will have lots of fun.

17. “Dirt”

Dry coffee grounds mimic earth and you can use the dry product to get the “dirt” for your art projects.

18. Coffee paint

Use equal parts of boiling water and coffee grounds for dark brown shade. Use 2 cups of water and 1 cup of grounds for a lighter shade. Use your coffee paint once it’s cool and nice.


19. Coffee ground soup

Glycerin bar soap works really great and coffee grounds provide the ultimate exfoliating effect.

20. Puffy eyes

Combine equal parts of coffee and honey and apply the paste under your eyes. Let it work for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

21. Exfoliate

Add a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds to your body wash and enjoy exfoliating your skin. It’s natural and skin-friendly.

22. Cellulite

Add a quarter cup of warm coffee grounds to a tablespoon of melted coconut oil. Apply the resulting mixture to your problematic area. Wrap with plastic wrap and let it work for 15 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap and rinse. Massage the area with coconut oil.

23. Sense of smell

Sniffing too many perfumes blocks your sense of smell. Take deep breathes of coffee grounds to reset your sense of smell.

24. Dark hair

Homemade hair masks are great. Add a tablespoon of cold coffee grounds to two tablespoons of your conditioner. Massage your hair with the mask and spread it evenly. Let it work for 5 minutes and rinse. Use cool water! It makes your hair shine. This method works on brown and black hair.


25. Ants deterrent

Ants are everywhere. You can get rid of them by sprinkling coffee grounds around your home. Use some on ant hills too.

26. No flea!

Wash your pet and massage its coat with coffee grounds. It’s a lovely spa for your furry friend. Fleas hate coffee!

27. Furniture scratch

Combine equal parts of coffee grounds and olive oil. Use a cotton ball to dub the paste on your furniture. Let it work for 10 minutes and wipe off using clean fabric or cotton ball. Do a few more turns until the scratch is filled with the paste.

28. Fireplace cleanup

Sprinkle damp coffee grounds over the ash and sweep it up without any trouble. Wet coffee grounds keep the ashes down, preventing a grayish mess.


Some like to use coffee grounds to clean and refresh garbage disposal. Well, you should stop doing this. Coffee grounds sometimes build up and this may clog your garbage disposal and septic systems. Imagine the number on the bill after the handymen are gone.

Never ever use coffee grounds for this purpose.

When it comes to using coffee grounds in the garden, you might want to stop doing that.  It may cause serious issues.

Source: www.healthline.com


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