Cats Act As Model Students During Little Girl’s Adorable Drawing Lesson

The term “teacher’s pet” gets a whole new meaning, with these 2 cats.

The cats’ names are Douglas Roberto and Jurandir, and they live in Brazil with their human family. There’s home-schooling there, and these two have no problem getting used to it, sitting patiently during the lessons.

Their owner, Clarinha, made a cute lesson plan for the cats, using a blackboard. They were supposed to draw a flower, step-by-step. The cats looked like they were listening to Clarinha while she was explaining.

She said: Any questions, just ask!” “And now, the root!” “Now, the root just like the other side.” “Did you get it? It’s a flower.” “Now draw!” “Did you understand, Robert?” “Did you understand, Jurandir?” “Look. Did you get it? This is how you draw a flower.”

Even though this video ends before the lesson is over, we can say Douglas Roberto and Jurandir deserve an A+. It’s safe to say these cats would make a great addition to any classroom. Absolutely mesmerizing!



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