Company Turns Ashes Of People’s Beloved Pets Into Glass Replica Paws That Will Serve As A Memorial Forever

Losing a pet gives you unbearable pain, and oftentimes it’s impossible to let go of your best friend. That’s why Davenport Memorial Glass decided to do something special for all the pet owners who had lost their dog or cat.

Their idea includes designing physical reminders and memorial pieces from the ash of the pet you have lost. Yes, there are a lot of people who’d love to carry these memorial pieces everywhere they go.

It’s one of the ways to capture a moment and help pet owners get over their loss and keep the memory forever. Your pet can’t be replaced, but these tiny pieces are here to remind you how great it was. In this way you will never forget all the adventures you two had.

Burying a pet is a common practice, and pet cemeteries serve for this purpose. You can even cremate the pet.

Use part of the ash to make a piece of memory. Davenport will help you in the process. The ashes can be sent by post. If you ask us, we’d say that paw-imprint pendants are our favorite.

Davenport also makes glass item without any ash, and their technique is modern and unique.

Owner Cameron Davenport has been active in the glass making industry since 2003. He took a class from Phil Siegel, and mastered his glass designing skills.

Cameron came with the incredible idea after receiving portion of his friend’s ashes. It was placed on his bookshelf, and that’s when the motivation was born.

The ashes became marble, and his friends really liked the idea, and wanted a piece of their own. It was an incredible idea, let’s be honest, and they all got their memorial glass.

Would you try anything like this? Would you make a pendant from your pet’s ashes?



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