This Cooking Oil was Created in the Lab and Causes Lung Cancer but Whole Foods Uses it Daily

Are you familiar with the term Canola seed? I can assume that you have heard of coconut and olive trees, but not Canola.

Well, this is because it does not exist. Canola oil is not a natural oil. This is the commercial name of a genetically modified Rapeseed which is known to be very toxic.

So, the question is why so many “natural” food stores even the famous one like Whole Food’s continue to use Canola oil in their meals, salads, dressings, baked goods, etc?

Canola oil was created in Canada by Dr. Baldur Steffanson. Dr. Steffanson. The raw ingredient itself is genetically modified rapeseed which leads to the conclusion that an organic Canola oil actually does not exist!

Health risks of consuming foods that contain Canola oil:

  • Canola has a high content of sulfur and it goes rancid easily. This can cause allergies and other problems at people who have from bronchial or asthmatic issues.
  • Canola depletes vitamin E.
  • Many studies showed that canola causes an increase in lung cancers.
  • Canola can increase the rigidity of membranes, which can contribute to degenerative diseases.
  • It shortens lifespan of animals and lowers platelet count.
  • The regular consumption of canola can raise your triglycerides over 40%.
  • Canola oil molds quickly and can inhibit the function of enzymes.
  • It is related to increased risk of various diseases

So, the next time you go to the Whole Foods, or Food court, remember that they are not the healthiest option you have.

Make sure to opt for natural food providers that only use natural oils (a type that comes from a real plant). The most important thing is to remember that there is no GMO-free Canola oil!



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