Eat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeding, Protects The Heart And Much More

Red onion is sure not most people’s favorite, but some really like adding it to their dishes. But, what most of them not know is the fact that it offers a wide range of powerful health benefits!

Always eat it raw, because heat and cooking methods destroy its benefits. You can combine red onion with other foods, but you can also eat it as a side dish.

We give you 7 good reasons to eat more red onions and boost your health.

Hinders cancer cell growth

Onion is abundant in sulfur compounds which protect the body from developing ulcers and several types of cancer. These also destroy bacteria that attack your urinary system.

Control diabetes 

Raw onions stimulate the production of insulin, so if you are dealing with diabetes, eat more raw red onions.

Relieves constipation

Onions are also rich in fiber, which is why they are so good when it comes to treating constipation. Fiber push toxins out of the intestines.

Cures sore throat

Onion juice has been commonly used in the treatment of colds and sore throat, and surprisingly, it brings amazing results.

Nose bleeding

If your fed up with your nose bleeds, red onions are the real solution to your problem. Try sniffing the vapors from an onion half, as some say that this has helped them to stop their bleeding.

Protects and strengthens heart

Onions protect against coronary diseases and regulate hypertension.

Regulates cholesterol

Raw onions balance cholesterol levels and decrease LDL, or bad cholesterol level.


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