Eating These 8 Foods Will Naturally Raise Low Blood Pressure

Unexpected changes in blood pressure are more often due to the changeable climate and sultry weather. Variations in barometric pressure in cardiovascular patients cause mild jumps in blood pressure that regular therapy can “withstand”.

Hypotension patients, on the other hand, have different health problems -- increased atmospheric pressure affects blood pressure, and sudden drops in pressure affect even healthy people.

Even though low blood pressure bad effects cannot be compared to high blood pressure bad effects it can still have some pretty nasty negative symptoms.

Here are some natural remedies:

-- Rosemary. In folklore medicine, rosemary tea was probably the most known remedy for increasing low blood pressure.

-- Beetroot. Only one glass of beetroot juice can drastically reduce the symptoms caused by low blood pressure.

-- Hawthorn. Very useful plant for regulating blood pressure, both hypertension and hypotension.

-- Ginseng. It also has positive effects when it comes to dealing with imbalanced blood pressure.

-- Salt. Eat little bit saltier food than usual because salt binds water in the body.

-- Coffee. It increases blood pressure but if you do not mind the caffeine you can always drink one cup of coffee during the day.

-- Water. In order to increase the amount of water in the blood vessels and that way deal with hypotension easily you should drink plenty of water every day.

-- Vitamins.Vitamin C, the whole group of B-vitamins and proteins has very useful effect in preventing and treating low blood pressure.

If you have low blood pressure for a longer time it can cause permanent damage to your vital organs (heart or kidneys).

Low blood pressure has tendency to evolve into hypertension in later years and that is why you should avoid aggressive therapy.



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