Elderberry – The Most Antiviral Fruit Known to Man

Elderberry extract is one of the most powerful weapons against influenza. People dealing with the seasonal flu or the potential of a deadly strain of influenza becoming pandemic should seriously consider adding elderberry extract to their list of natural flu remedies.

It has been shown that the black elderberry extracts can provide incredible results. So, let’s find out more!

Sambucol is a natural remedy with potent anti-viral properties, particularly effective against different strains of influenza virus. It has been shown that it is effective against 10 strains of influenza virus.

A study showed that it has the ability to reduce the duration of flu symptoms to 3-4 days.

The Journal of International Medical Research concurs that elderberry extract is a proven treatment, referencing a different study:

For many years, elderberry has been used to treat influenza, colds and sinusitis. It has strong antiviral properties against influenza and herpes simplex.

A study examined the effectiveness and safety of oral elderberry syrup for treating influenza A and B infections. The study included 60 patients suffering from influenza symptoms.

They received 15 ml of elderberry or placebo syrup, 5 times a day for 5 days. The results showed that patients who used elderberry syrup experienced improvements within 4 days or earlier compared to those with placebo.

An Ancient Panacea

It is well-known that the humble black elderberry has been used as an ancient remedy for treating different problems.

In 400 BC, Hippocrates referred to the elderberry bush as his “medicine chest” due to its different uses. It was also mentioned a few times in the writings of Pliny the Elder.

 How It Works

According to the scientists, the active compound in elderberry is known as Antivirin. It is found in proteins of the black elderberry. It has potent anti-viral properties and has the ability to stop the spread of the flu virus.

It has been shown that the active compounds in Sambucol can increase inflammatory cytokine production, thus activate the healthy immune system.

Avian Flu

According to the CD, the Avian flu has a mortality rate of 60% in the 600 cases reported around the world. Even though it is rarely transmittable between humans, a mutation of the virus could represent a life-threatening factor.

It is believed that the currently circulating influenza A viruses have evolved, having a higher mortality among human cases.

A 1995 study showed that black elderberry is effective against the Avian flu, especially Panama B strain.

A standardized elderberry extract, Sambucol (SAM) managed to reduce hemagglutination and inhibit replication of human influenza viruses type A/Shangdong 9/93 (H3N2), A/Beijing 32/92 (H3N2), A/Texas 36/91 (H1N1), A/Singapore 6/86 (H1N1), type B/Panama 45/90, B/Yamagata 16/88, B/Ann Arbor 1/86, and of animal strains from Northern European swine and turkeys, A/Sw/Ger 2/81, A/Tur/Ger 3/91, and A/Sw/Ger 8533/91 in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells.

A placebo-controlled study was conducted on subjects living in an agricultural community during an outbreak of influenza back in 1993. During 6 days people experienced fever, feeling of improvement and total cure.

Sera obtained in the acute and convalescent phases were tested for the presence of antibodies to influenza A, B, respiratory syncytial, and adenoviruses.

In the group treated with SAM, convalescent phase serologies showed higher mean and mean geometric hemagglutination inhibition (HI) titers to influenza compared to the control group.

In 93.3% of the cases in the SAM-treated group, there were significant improvements within 2 days.

In the control group, on the other hand, 91.7% of the subjects experienced an improvement within 6 days. Nearly 90% of the SAM-treated group experienced a complete cure within 2-3 days while the placebo group within 6 days.

Taking into consideration the effectiveness of the extract in vitro on all strains of influenza virus tested, the absence of side-effects, the clinical results and its low cost, it means that it could be an effective safe treatment for influenza A and B.


It has been shown that Sambucol can reduce the symptoms and the duration of flu. It has been tested on Influenza A and Influenza B strains. According to a study, people taking Sambucol instead of placebo, managed to relieve symptoms like congestion, aches, and fever.

A study included 60 patients who had flu symptoms for 48 hours. 90% of the subjects were infected with the A strain of the virus while 10% were infected with type B.

Half of the patients took 15 milliliters of Sambucol while the other half took a placebo 4 times a day for 5 days. After three days, patients in the group who took Sambucol experienced significant improvements. 90% of the patients had a complete cure in 2-3 days. They had no drowsiness as well.

People in the placebo group, on the other hand, experienced improvements after 6 days. They also used more painkillers and nasal sprays.

It is worth mentioning that Sambucol will not prevent the flu. It will shorten the duration and severity of your flu.

How to Take Elderberry Extract

As we said before, in the Israel study, children were given a ½ tablespoon of Sambucol extract 4 times a day and adults were given 1 tablespoon, 4 times a day.

We should mention that Sambucol is the only form of elderberry extract that has been used.

You can take this liquid in different ways:

  • Right out of the spoon
  • Mix it with hot water and honey for a tea
  • Mix it with sparkling water and serve over ice for a refreshing drink

It is recommended to store your elderberry extract in cool dry place, like your refrigerator.

Sambucol does not come with any side effects. However, before taking this remedy, make sure to consult your physician. It is completely safe for children over 2 and elderly.

The effects of using Sambucol during pregnancy or breastfeeding are not scientifically proven! The experts are still examining the effects of Sambucol for treating allergies, HIV, inflammatory disorders and cancer.

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com
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