Everything Happens For A Reason

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? If your answer is ‘no,’ just keep reading. In this article we will give you seven reasons to start thinking this way.

Marilyn Monroe once said that everything happens for a reason. According to her, people change to help us let go. Things go awry to help us appreciate them more when they are right.

You believe lies to realize that you are the only person you can trust. Good things fall apart to help better things fall together. Monroe’s wise thoughts will always be remembered.

Aristotle explains this thought perfectly. His lifelong journey was full of wisdom, and he understood life in his own way. The philosopher says there are two constants in life.

The universe is constantly changing, and things change all the time. That’s one. “Entelechy” is the second constant, and it means “that which transforms potential into reality.”

Aristotle explained that everything happen because they have a purpose. You may not realize at the beginning, but you will later in life.

Everything has a reason, including the choices you make, the people who come into your lives and those who leave you.  That’s what makes you complete. You will understand this later in life.

The importance of this philosophy

Some things can’t be controlled. You can’t have everything your way. It’s time to realize that everything happens for a reason. It can be both good and bad.

1. Tragedy and adversity help you become a complete person.

Therapist Michael Schreiner explains that this gives us courage to face the world and realize we are singled out for a higher cause.

2. It gives you closure

When things don’t go your way, you are full of regrets. The loss and disappointment are a regular part of it.

Are you disappointed? It’s normal. Feeling ashamed? That’s normal, too. But, this experience should empower you. You failed for a reason. Put this in your head and close the chapter you are in.

3. Relieves your pain

Religion gives people something to hold on when life gets hard. Some like to rely on science.

If you have hard time realizing that losing something happens for a reason, sit down and think again. Your pain will be gone. A loss is never meaningless. Try to understand that your loss happened for a reason. This will help you heal, and relieves your pain.

4. You get a chance to reflect

Taking one step at a time is a normal process. This is more than a simple step. This step is taking you closer to your destination. Believe that everything in your life has a meaning. Everything will make sense one day.

Author Karen Salmansohn explains that when you decide to tap into conscious insight, you learn how to bend with the wind instead of complaining about it.

5. You can define your life

“Aha!” moments are always good. Try not to be trapped in your negativity. Your experiences and mistakes help you define your life and make better decision. Your awareness grows bigger and everything makes sense.

6. The chaos in your life makes sense

The difficult situations in your life don’t usually look like a real thing. Life keeps forcing you to ask questions.

Psychology professor Paul Bloom says it’s healthy to believe everything is planned. The chaos in your life is planned. It happened for a good reason. You will end up making better decisions.

7. The lessons you learn are valuable

You are changing into a better person. Things look different. In his commencement address at the 2014 MUM Graduation, Jim Carrey said he likes to perceive challenges as a beneficial thing. This is the only way that helps him deal with them.

Instead of obsessing with changes, try to understand them. The thing you go through at the moment will take you to a different place. Your life may be hard, but it will be better one day. It will all make sense.

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