Garlic Oil – Powerful Cure for Earache And Many Other Diseases

Garlic oil is a natural antibiotic that protects the body from the development of fungi and bacteria that cause many respiratory and stomach diseases.


Believe it or not, garlic works best when it comes to treating an earache. Put two drops of warm garlic oil (crush the garlic cloves and add some olive oil) in your ear twice a day and repeat the therapy for five days.

Scientists say that the active substances contained in garlic (germanium, selenium and sulfur compounds) can destroy at least ten bacterial species that cause pain, and these substances have proven to be even more effective than certain medications.


It is the most powerful ‘keeper of the heart.’ Garlic lowers the blood pressure by a whopping 5% to 10%.

Garlic oil regulates the cardiac arrhythmia, improves the performance of the blood vessels and the blood supply for the heart muscle, leading to improved cardiac function and prevents the possibility of blood clotting which reduces the propensity for thrombosis.

By using garlic oil you can prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Bad cholesterol does not like garlic, and it is believed that even the deposition of plaque in the veins can be also reduced with the help of this gift of Nature.

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