Great Natural Remedies From Around The World – Part 1

Every place on the Earth has its own unique believes and tradition. We have listed 15 natural remedies used throughout the world that reduce pain, strengthen the immune system and quickly eliminate stress in a completely natural and efficient way.

Sri Lanka

Coconut helps you lose weight. An average citizen of Sri Lanka eats about 116 coconuts every year. Experts assume that this is one of main reason why people from this tropical heaven have no problems with their weight.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that stimulate the liver and burn body fat for up to 50 per cent faster than usual. If women consume 30 ml of coconut oil or 170g of coconut daily, they could easily lose up to 2 kg every month.


Yoga prevents insomnia. Yoga exercising is one of the most popular cure for insomnia in Austria. Austrians do not do it just in their homes -- there are special programmes even during holidays.

Studies have shown that doing yoga at least 20 minutes every day reduces or eliminates insomnia, it is as efficient as the sleeping pills, and it also reduces chronic fatigue and depression.


Ginger destroys triglycerides and Indonesians use more ginger than any other country in the world. They not only use it as a spice, but also to prepare tea, cookies, bread and many other delicious desserts. This spice has always been considered as a powerful “tonic” for the heart, and doctors also confirm this theory.

Actually, numerous studies have shown that consuming ginger every day can reduce the creation of triglycerides that seal the arteries for up to 17 per cent.

In addition to this, ginger is twice as efficient as aspirin, when it comes to prevention of the formation of dangerous blood clots. Nutritionists recommend consuming 10 g of ginger every day.


Curcumin (turmeric) stabilizes blood sugar. Indians use this spice not only in their kitchens but also as a remedy in cases of high blood sugar level. Researchers from the Gujarat University in India confirm that the active ingredient curcumin activates genes that regulate blood sugar.

You should consume at least half a teaspoon of curcumin every day in order to enjoy its benefits. You can add this spice to meat, vegetables, rice and eggs.


Mushrooms control cholesterol. In Japan mushrooms are considered as both food and medicine, and an average citizen of this country eats about 3.5 kg of mushrooms. By adding at least 50 g of mushrooms to your every day diet you could reduce bad cholesterol levels for up to 30 per cent. Mushrooms contain large amounts of antioxidants that reduce the production of the fat that seals arteries.


Mustard bath relieves muscle pain. Lying in warm mustard bath is a traditional English remedy for muscle pain.

It is amazingly efficient remedy, because if you first ground the herb before using it, it will pull all the toxins out through the skin pores, and it also improves circulation, relaxes the muscles and accelerates the healing of wounds.


Chamomile tea prevents bloating. Studies have shown that consuming half a liter of chamomile tea every day relieves bloating symptoms and stomach ache. Chamomile calms the adrenal glands, reducing their production of cortisol -- stress hormone that blocks food digestion and causes gases and stomach ache.



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