The Greatest Tea Made From Natural Remedies To Deal With Swellings In Your Ankles, Feet, Hips And Legs!

Everyone experienced swelling in the legs, feet, or ankles at some point in their life. This is an unpleasant and painful condition. Swelling or also known as edema means retention of body fluids in the organism.

Typically, it is caused by different factors, including pregnancy, excessive standing or sitting, PMS, medication side effects, bad blood circulation, excessive consumption of salty food (junk food).

Usually, this condition occurs in people with excessive sitting or standing throughout the day or in pregnant women.

However, persistent problems of this type without having other symptoms could indicate a severe problem.

This is called peripheral edema and can indicate serious problems like kidney problems, liver, or heart problems. If these symptoms do not disappear, make sure to visit a physician as soon as possible.

There are some natural herbs and remedies for this issue, but they are only effective for those who not often experience swellings. These herbs can cleanse the system and aid weight loss.

Parsley is such herb. It has been scientifically shown that parsley can prevent diseases such as digestion problems, infections, menstrual pain, bone tissue problems, breathing difficulties, bronchitis, and hypertension.

Parsley is a diuretic

Parsley is a natural, potent diuretic. Moreover, it can improve the function of the kidneys, remove the extra material from the blood cell and remove the extra water and salt from the body.

In addition, it takes a significant role in the entire process of osmosis. It has the ability to create much more urine and improve its flow.

Parsley supplies your body with a significant amount of organic potassium which does not make you get low potassium in the bloodstream and lead to further complications.

A 2009 study confirmed the positive effects of parsley regarding the flow of urine and high blood pressure.

Parsley tea for dealing with edema

Dr. John R Christopher, a physician and herbalist, recommends consuming 2 cups parsley tea a day. In this way, you will obtain its maximum benefits. Just make sure to use fresh leaves, roots and seeds!


Boil the water. Cut the leaves and roots fine and add 1 ¼ parsley with a container or an infusion dish.

Add the boiled water to a teapot and let it cool. Before you strain, remove the container. Add lemon, darling or ginger for fragrance and good smell.

Also, there are other techniques that can help you reduce the swelling. You can try lifting of the hip and legs on bedroom cushions, on the high just above the heart. To improve the blood circulation to the heart, exercise the hip and legs.


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