Guava Leaves May Be Used As A Home Remedy For These Problems

For those lucky enough to have a guava tree in their gardens or yards, you have at your disposal guava leaves which are known for their potent healing properties. Use guava leaves in a number of ways to prevent or treat everything from small wounds to diabetes.

Guava leaves can be smashed and used as poultice which can be wrapped in a cloth and placed on affected areas; chewed to tread oral issues as they are packed with vitamin C and have antimicrobial qualities; or steeped in boiling water to make tea which is both good to drink or apply topically when cooled.

Below is an incomplete list of other uses for guava leaves that can improve your health and contribute to your overall well-being in a number of ways.

1. Prevents weight gain

The same potent qualities that regulate blood sugar levels in guava leaves can not only help diabetics and pre-diabetics, but also those looking for a healthy way to drop some weight.

Since it manages blood sugar levels, guava leaves prevent needless craving for unhealthy foods.

2. Promotes skin health

Lastly, guava leaves are good for the skin in many ways from fending off aging signs, to treating small cuts and wounds.

Consuming guava leaf tea on a regular basis can help maintain the skin’s youthful and smooth look due to its potent antioxidant properties and vitamin C content.

Once cooled to room temperature, apply the same tea topically on acne to reduce inflammation, or treat and disinfect minor cuts.

3. Reduces bad cholesterol

LDL, or bad cholesterol, can increase the risk of developing heart disease, but luckily guava leaves have been traditionally used to lower bad cholesterol as they are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities which prevent bad cholesterol from clogging up in the arteries.

4. Treats swollen/bloody gums

If you munch some guava leaves it can treat swollen or bleeding gums due to their high levels of vitamin C, found in abundance in guava fruits as well.

Vitamin C fosters optimum oral health, and chewing some guava leaves release the antimicrobial and antibacterial juices within them, thus killing any harmful bacteria in the mouth.

5. Regulates Diabetes

Some studies have found that guava leaves help regulate high blood sugar levels, so drinking guava leaf tea can be quite healthy and beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes as well as those who are at risk of developing this disease.

6. Lowers the risk of cancer

A simple means to reduce the risk of cancer is to consume tea made out of guava leaves on a regular basis. As we mentioned above, Guava leaves are rich in antioxidants which deter cellular mutation, one of the main causes of cancer development.

Moreover, guava leaves can treat chronic inflammation, another potential culprit for causing cancer.

7. Eases diarrhea symptoms

Diarrhea is often caused by food contaminated with harmful bacteria, and the antibacterial and cleansing properties of guava leaf tea can help those who have diarrhea a great deal by eliminating the bacteria.

How to make guava leaf tea

Required Ingredients

  • Six fresh guava leaves
  • 1 liter of water
  • Some honey (optional)


Nicely wash the freshly picked guava leaves, and then boil them in 1 liter of water for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, pour the water through a filter and, if you’d like, add a little honey to make it healthier.



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