Herbal Teas That Help Ease Back Pain

People who are having a very busy or sedentary lifestyle are more likely to constantly deal with back pain. It is estimated that more than 80% of people in America will experience back pain at least once in their lifestyle.

Painkillers are usually used for treating this type of pain. However, they only provide short-term effects.

So, to treat your back pain, you should try using natural remedies and methods as resting, applying cold or using a heating pad.

For that purpose, we have some herbal teas that are extremely effective against back pain. Try these incredible teas and you will finally say goodbye to the terrible pain.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea can be used as a natural remedy for treating nausea and upset stomach. It has potent anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties that can eliminate back pain.

So, you can consume a freshly-brewed cup of ginger tea every time you are having a difficult time doing your everyday activities.

2. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric can also effectively reduce inflammation and pain. This yellow-colored tea can be very beneficial especially in the case of back pain.

If you are not a tea lover, you can use this spice for cooking to obtain all of its maximum benefits.

3. Devil’s Claw Tea

This herbal tea has the ability to fight inflammation and it is highly recommended for people who regularly deal with back pain. According to traditional healers, this tea is extremely beneficial for treating osteoarthritis.

4. Skullcap Tea

If you are having troubles to get a good night’s sleep due to back pain, this herbal tea is perfect for you. Traditional healers claim that skullcap tea relieves not only swollen and achy back but insomnia as well.

5. Cramp Bark Tea

As you can see by its name, this tea is great for people whose back pain is accompanied by cramping of the muscles in the area.

This tea is particularly beneficial for women with PMS and people suffering from pain in the lower abdomen area.

6. Black Cohosh Tea

Black cohosh tea is another herbal tea that can be very effective if your back pain comes with muscle cramping. It is also very beneficial for treating PMS symptoms.

It has been proven that black cohosh tea can treat headaches, night sweats, insomnia, and mood swings as well.

Note: If your back pain persists for days or is accompanied by unusual symptoms, make sure to seek the help of your doctor.

Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition are recommended to consult their doctor before using these herbal teas.

Source: www.healthybuilderz.com


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