Here is How Adding Eggs to Your Diet Can Help You Prevent Cancer

Eggs haven’t always gotten a fair shake in the world of natural health. First, they were heralded for being extremely healthy and getting people to nutrients they need to start their day. Then they were demonized for the amount of cholesterol they have.

However, eggs are back in the good graces of nutrition science. They are one of the most complete forms of nutrition that you can have, due to the vitamins, proteins, and good cholesterol they have. This means that you have to eat the whole egg—no skipping out on the yolk to try to avoid the cholesterol.

In fact, recent research has indicated that eggs may have even more health benefits than previously thought. Making sure that you get eggs in your diet every day can help you boost your immune system and lower your risk of cancer.

Health Benefits of Eggs

When you eat eggs, you are giving your body all the nutrition it needs to get through to your next meal. They are an excellent source of protein, so they can keep you full and help you avoid unnecessary or unhealthy snacking.

In addition, eggs have many important vitamins and minerals. Many of these nutrients are lacking in the standard American diet, so you can help fill some of those gaps with eggs. This is particularly important if you know that you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Cancer Fighting Power of Eggs

Recent medical research shows that eggs may even be able to fight cancer. This is because of the antioxidant properties of egg yolks. In one egg yolk, there are as many antioxidants as there are in two whole apples or 1/2 serving of cranberries.

Antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals, which may impact the growth of cancerous cells and tumors.

The type of egg you eat matters. Eggs come from hens who have been raised organically and in a free-range environment tend to be higher in antioxidants, so you may want to find a local source for your eggs rather than getting factory eggs from the grocery store.

In addition, the method of preparation seems to have an impact on antioxidants. Fried or microwaved eggs lose about half of their antioxidant properties. Go for cooking method that leaves the yolks soft, as fully cooked yolks lose much of their antioxidants. Try poaching your eggs and getting them out of the water as soon as the whites are just barely set.

Getting Eggs In Your Diet

You may increase your egg intake in many different ways. Consider using egg yolks to make a salad dressing or use them to dress up a sandwich or burger. Of course, eggs are always a popular choice for breakfast.

Raw egg yolks may be the best for their antioxidant properties. Try eggs Benedict or other recipes that use raw eggs.

Protecting yourself from cancer is important, and your diet plays a big role in that. Give your immune system a boost by getting one or two eggs into your diet everyday.



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