Here Is How To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally – Dr. Clark Liver Detox Diet Plan

Normal liver function is essential for your overall health. Improper liver function can often be the hidden cause of many diseases. Liver stones are one of the most common cause of irregular liver function. Parasites also affect the liver. You can actually clean your liver pretty easily.

There is a natural way of cleansing the liver, and you can use some olive oil and grapefruit juice, and this treatment has been developed by dr. Hulda Clark.

Dr. Clark suggests that you cleanse the liver according to an anti-parasite program. This process takes 2 days. The best results are obtained if you do the liver cleansing regime according to doctor Clark’s anti-parasite program.

For the liver cleansing process you will need:

Epsom salt

  • 50 grams (do not purchase it over the internet, but in specialized pharmacies!)
  • * People suffering from low blood pressure should not use Epsom salt. Alternatively, they can use enema according to G. Malahov’s method.

Olive oil

  • 1/2 cup (1.5 dl), use light oil -- it is easier to drink
  • Fresh red grapefruit
  • 1 large or 2 small, enough to get 2 dl of juice

To do the procedure properly, do it in your free days. Do not take any medications, vitamins and pills while you do the procedure.

Pay special attention to the time schedule -- it is very important if you want to obtain good results. Do not do any of the activities more than 10-15 minutes later or earlier.

Liver Cleanse Plan


  • Eat a low-fat breakfast: fruit, cereal, bread, honey. Do not eat any fat: oil, butter, cheese, cream or milk.


  • Eat a low-fat lunch: roast or steam-cooked potatoes and other vegetables (you can use salt, but avoid any oil), bread, fruit. Same as for breakfast, do not eat anything greasy. Drink some water, because after 2pm, you can not drink anything.


  • Do not eat or drink anything after 2pm. If you break this rule, later you may feel sick.

After 2pm

  • Mix 50g of Epsom salt and 6 dl of water. Split the mixture into 4 equal parts. You can keep the salt can in the fridge, so it is easily for you to drink it.


  • Drink a quarter of the Epsom salt drink. After that, you can rinse your mouth or drink a few sips of water. Keep the olive oil and grapefruit on the table so they can adjust to the room temperature.


  • Take another quarter of the Epsom salt drink.


  • Finish all the activities and get ready for bed.


Prepare the liver cleanse drink:

  • Squeeze the grapefruit. Remove the pulp and seeds. You need to get at least half a cup of juice -- up to 3/4 cup.
  • Pour half a cup of olive oil into a container with a lid. Add the grapefruit juice.
  • Tightly close the container and shake until the mixture becomes watery.

If necessary, go the bathroom one or more times, even if you are late for your drink at 10pm hours. Do not be late more than 15 minutes.


  • Now you need to take the drink that you have prepared (olive oil and grapefruit). Stand while you drink it within 5 minutes (15 min for weak and older people).
  • After you have had the drink, go to bed immediately. If you do not do so, you can stop the stones from coming out. Lie flat on your back with your head elevated on a pillow, or on the left side.
  • Try to be completely still for at least 20 minutes. Think about what is happening now in your liver. Maybe you will feel how the stones travel through your ducts like marbles.
  • You will not feel any pain because the Epsom salt opens the ducts.
  • Try to sleep. Lay on your left side during the night. Try not to pop up out of bed.

The next morning:

(after 6am)

  • After waking up (not before 6am) take your third dose of Epsom salt. If you feel sick, wait until it is gone, then drink the Epson salt drink.
  • Go back to bed.

2 hours later

  • Drink your last dose of Epsom salt (3/4 cup). Go back to bed.

2 hours later

You can eat. Start with some fruit juice. Half an hour later eat some fruits. One hour later you may eat something light. By dinner you should feel recovered.

Congratulations! You have removed the stones without any surgery.

During the day you will probably have to go to the toilet more frequently. Take a flashlight and look for some green stones in the shell. That is a real stone, not some food residue, because the bile from the liver is green, like peas.

The feces will sink and the stones will float because they contain cholesterol.

Sometimes the ducts are full of cholesterol that has not yet formed into round stones. The remains of the green cholesterol crystals will also float in the water. Usually the liver is full of stones, and experts suggest that you repeat the procedure again in two weeks.

How safe is the liver cleanse?

The liver cleansing regime is absolutely safe. Thousands of people around the world have cleaned their liver in such a way. None of them went to the hospital and felt pain.

How to prepare yourself for the liver cleanse?

Most people have parasites in their liver. Parasites can affect the liver cleansing process. You should first get rid of the parasites before you start with the cleansing procedure. You can do this with the help of an anti-parasite program.

Clean your liver twice a year.

Which diseases can be cured with this procedure?

This method will help you to get rid of the liver stones and improve the liver function, which protects your entire body. Allergies disappear almost always when you cleanse the liver.

In combination with the anti-parasite program, liver cleansing helps in the treatment of:

  • allergies
  • mental illness
  • heart diseases
  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • hepatitis
  • diabetes, and many other diseases


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