Here’s How You can Use Ginger to Get an Instant Relief from Headache

Chinese and Indians are way ahead of us, at least when it comes to natural cures. Ginger, one of the latest discoveries in the world of healing, has been used in these cultures for over 4,700 years.

Ginger tonics had been of great help in the treatment of numerous ailments and contains over 200 beneficial compounds, mostly in its natural oils.

This root has the ability to block the effect of prostaglandins which is tightly associated with the stimulation of muscle contraction, control of inflammation and release of certain hormones.

Do these remind you of your last headache?

Given that nausea and vomiting are some of the symptoms you experience when dealing with a migraine, ginger can be of great help for migraine sufferers, and it also relieves the symptoms of upset stomach.

Ginger provides an instant headache relief

Compounds in ginger have great impact on vanilloid receptors in your sensory nerve endings.

Ginger causes a burning sensation same as hot peppers do, but it only lasts for a second. Researchers have revealed that ginger ‘’affects the pain pathways directly, but it also relieves the inflammation, which in itself causes pain.’’

1. Cut of a smaller chunk of your ginger root, and grind it finely. You need about half a teaspoon of ginger. Add it to a glass of filtered water, and enjoy your ‘ginger juice.’

2. Crush some fresh ginger, boil it for several minutes. Drink the warm liquid, and you should notice how the intensity of your headache has changed.

3. Mince a piece of ginger, or use a tablespoon of ginger powder. Add your ginger to boiling hot water, and inhale the vapors. This is the fastest method you can use to get an instant relieve from your headache.

4. Have you ever used ginger paste? If not, make some, and apply it on your forehead. You need some ginger powder and just enough warm water to get a thick paste.

5. Relax with your eyes closed. Free yourself of any stress or noise, and watch the ginger do its miracle. You should notice the first results within a few minutes.

Note: Keep in mind that this is a home treatment for headaches. If your symptoms do not fade away, consult your doctor. Ginger paste should not be used as a substitute for professional help. Your doctor can determine whether you are dealing with a more serious ailment.

Ginger is not recommended for the following groups:

  • Expecting or breastfeeding moms
  • Patients with gallstones, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease or blocked intestines
  • Individuals who take medication to enhance their immune function
  • Ginger may affect the function of heart medications, vasodilators, and any medication that is broken down by liver enzymes. It is also not recommended for those who take drugs to treat nausea, vomiting, arthritis, blood issues, increased cholesterol levels, blood pressure, allergies, cancer, inflammation-induced ailments, stomach acid secretion or weight loss.


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