Here’s Why You Should Give or Receive at Least 8 Hugs a Day

A touch says much more than words, but people can’t realize the real power of human touch. How often do you share a hug? Hugging is actually a way of expressing, and we hug others to express our affection, support, comfort, empathy, gratitude or sadness.

There’s something magical about reaching out and hugging someone, especially when you are sad or disappointed.

A hug can do wonders, and in babies, it improves the development of their brain. Hugs are much more than something that gives you pleasure.

We give you five reasons to hug more often.

1. Reduce stress levels

Adrenal glands secrete cortisol also known as the stress hormone. Some like to call it the “fight or flight hormone.” It’s released when your brain detects a threat or is agitated. Your good ol’ hug triggers the secretion of oxytocin.

This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in your brain. Experts like to call it “the bonding hormone.” Oxytocin fights cortisol in both men and women and norepinephrine in women.

Hugs cause changes in the production of hormones, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Chronic stress has a detrimental effect on your overall health. You feel exhausted and frustrated.

Share a hug with someone to change this, and soothe your body and mind. Yes, your stress will disappear eventually.  What do you do when your child is upset? You go and hug them, right? This answers pretty much any question about hugs.

2. Support for a grieving person

We all have different mechanisms of coping with grief. Death is the only “problem” you can’t solve, but you have to find a way to live with the loss of someone close.

Colin Murray Parkes, a psychiatrist, wrote a paper on the topic, and published it in the British Medical Journal. A grieving person acts like a helpless child, and the best way to help them is do pretty much every parent does.

Hug them. Help them accept the loss. Hugs have more power than any word in the world. You don’t have to talk, just give that person a hug. Words are sometimes annoying.

3. You are happier

Your body produces dopamine during each hug.  Insufficient levels of dopamine make you depressed and you are likely to deal with long-term neurological dysfunction.

According to researchers, dopamine keeps you motivated and help you make rational decisions. Most antidepressants and medications for ADHD are made with a chemical that mimics dopamine.

It’s literally impossible to avoid a conflict, but a hug can solve that and much more. Hug your partner more often, and you will be surprised of the power simple hugs have. Believe it or not, hugs have euphoric effect. Same as aerobic exercises.

4. Immunity boost

Stress makes you weak and prone to diseases. A 2015 study involved common colds and the physical effect of social support. Participants were exposed to a virus, and experts measured their symptoms and the length of the disease.

Those who hugged more often were less likely to catch a cold. Even if they did, they had less severe symptoms and recovered quickly. A hug can do much more than you will ever imagine.

5. Get rid of anxiety and fear

Anxiety, grief, fear, low self-esteem and depression have a terrible effect on your mental and physical condition. A hug can destroy your biggest fears, and you will feel loved.

A warm hug can soothe your spirit and calm your nervous system. You will feel protected and safe. This s the best therapy for your condition, and it doesn’t cost a thing.



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