Homemade Natural Remedy to Relieve Foot Pain

Stressful and fast lifestyle can really make your feet pulse in pain.

In women, foot pain is commonly caused by high heels, and man struggle with it as a result of wearing unfitting shoes. Foot pain can be caused by obesity, as feet in such cases has to support more weight. Foot pain also occurs as a result of a disease, especially arthritis and joint pain.

If you struggle with foot pain each day, make sure you do something to relieve it. For instance, shoe inserts do miracles, but only when your pain is caused by wearing unfitting shoes. Massage your feet and apply cold compress to relive your pain.

Folk medicine can really help you in this aspect, and nature as well, or to be more precise, it is potatoes we are talking about. Use potatoes to massage sore spots.

Here is how potatoes can help you relieve feet pain in just 8 days:

Rinse 3-4 medium-sized potatoes. This step is necessary, as you will shred your potatoes with their skin on. Put some of the shredded potatoes in a gauze.

Place it on your feet and wrap with a plastic foil. Put cotton socks on. Leave it overnight and rinse next morning. Repeat the potato treatment for 8 days. You will feel some relief in the very first days, and the pain will eventually disappear.

For the other remedy you need 2 ingredients -- salt and honey.

Honey is known for its healing properties and science provides a lot of reasons for you to use it. Salt also has some healing properties.

Honey and salt treatment lasts for 10 days. Combine equal parts of salt and honey. Stir well so the ingredients can combine well.

Apply the mixture on any sore spots and cover with a gauze. Next, wrap with a plastic bag or foil and put your cotton socks on.


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