How Much Water Do You Need To Drink, According To Your Weight?

You can drink water as much as you want because our body contains 70% of water and is always in a need of new amounts of it. We advise you to drink 1.5 (50 oz) to 2 liters (67 oz) of water daily.

Schedule this amount of water for the whole day -- do not drink it at once. But, note that the amount of water depends on your weight, so, initially it is 0.3 liters (11 oz) per 10 kg (22 lbs) of your weight..

That means if you have 72 kg (160 lbs) you should drink 2,3 liters ( 80 oz) of water per day.

What is better to drink, sparkling or regular water? Some people think it is the same, but not exactly. Some mineral waters naturally contain carbon dioxide while in others it is added.

An integral part of the carbon dioxide is hydrate carbonate, which balances acids and bases in the organism. If you feel exhausted, tired or under stress, mineral water will act on you as an energy drink.

In case you have a sensitive stomach, drink regular water because carbon dioxide can increase the acidity in your stomach and you may have stomach problems afterwards.



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