How To Make An Intensely Moisturizing Shea Butter Eye Cream

Aging makes us wise and wrinkled. The first wrinkles usually appear in the area around our eyes. It has the thinnest and most fragile skin.

The skin in this area becomes dry really often which is why you get the first wrinkles around your eyes. Sun affects the production of collagen and your skin loses its firmness.

The best DIY product

You should nourish your body on a daily basis. It’s really important that you eat foods that protect your skin and improve your complex. Some people would go under the knife to stop the aging process. Other spend a small fortune on luxury creams and lotions.

Well, we suggest that you make your own cream. You can make it with shea butter and natural oils. Use it to moisturize your skin and reduce wrinkles.

Shea butter eye cream with essential oils

Shea butter

It’s the best thing you will ever put on your skin. It’s made from the seeds of the fruits of the Shea tree. This product is packed with vitamins A and E, and offers good protection against UV rays.

Fatty acids are great for your skin. Linoleic, stearic, oleic and palmitic acids make your skin strong and nourished. Vitamins and fatty acids are great for your dry skin.

A 2010 Japanese study found that cinnamic acid and other nutrients in shea butter reduce skin inflammation.

Aloe Vera gel

It has been used since forever. Freshly extracted gel contains 18 amino acids that soothe and nourish skin. It’s often used on wrinkles and dry skin.

Aloe Vera gel is rich in vitamins A, C, B12 and E, zinc, calcium, magnesium, proteins and amino acids. These neutralize free radicals and reduce wrinkles. Fresh gel moisturizes skin, and reduces puffiness.

Cold-pressed coconut oil

Healthy fats in coconut oil make skin smooth and retain its moisture. Vitamin E repairs skin and prevents/reduces wrinkles.

Coconut oil penetrates deep skin levels thanks to its low molecular weight and the ability to bond with proteins. This oil offers natural antibacterial, antifungal and moisturizing effect which makes it great for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and other skin issues.

Frankincense essential oil

It’s warm and exotic oil with strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, astringent and antiseptic effect. It heals age spots, protects existing cells, encourages new cell growth and reduces pores. You can use it to reduce wrinkles and treat saggy skin.

Jojoba oil

It’s one of the greatest anti-aging oils. Jojoba oil hydrates skin without leaving it oily. This oil is a great source of vitamins E, B, chromium, zinc and copper. It’s similar to the natural oils in your skin.

The sebaceous glands in your skin produce less sebum as you grow old, and your skin becomes dry and cracked. Jojoba works instead of sebum and keeps your skin moisturized. You can use it on both oily and acne-prone skin.

A 2011 study by Italy’s Department of Environmental and Life Sciences found that jojoba oil speeds up the healing of wounds by stimulating the synthesis of collagen without any side effects.

Lavender essential oils

It’s incredibly beneficial for your skin. Lavender essential oil has been used for 2,500 years. Romans used it in their cooking and bathing rituals. Some like to use it in aromatherapies. Egyptians added it to their perfumes and used it for mummification.

Lavender essential oil can help in the treatment of wounds, cuts, sunburns and other types of burns. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents premature aging. This essential oil helps the body produce glutathione, catalase and SOD within 22 hours of its application.

Vitamin E oil

It’s one of the best nutrients for your skin. Combine it with other great products. Vitamin E oil neutralizes free radicals and improves the production of collagen.


  • 2 ounces shea butter
  • 1 ounce aloe vera gel
  • 1 ounce unrefined coconut oil, melted
  • 1 tsp jojoba oil
  • 5 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • ½ tsp vitamin E oil (break open a vitamin E capsule))

Add your shea butter, melted coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel and jojoba oil into a bowl, and whip until well combined. Slowly add in your essential oils, one by one. Whip for two minutes, and keep your cream in airtight glass container.

Use this eye cream twice a day, in the morning and before you go to bed.



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