How to Make Cinnamon Turmeric Tea to Flush Inflammation Naturally

Below, we’ll go over the main health benefits of each ingredient first and then get into what you really want to know: how to make the tea!

If you are not already a passionate tea-drinker, you might want to reconsider after learning of its numerous health benefits, particularly when mixed with a little cinnamon and turmeric. Blend these ingredients plus some green tea and you have one potent and tasty drink.

Meals that contain ingredients like cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, turmeric, garlic, pepper have strong antioxidant properties and increase the antioxidant activity in the blood by about 13%.

Researchers have also found that spices act to reduce oxidative stress and lower the risk of disease.

Cinnamon is the second most powerful antioxidant in the world and it promotes a healthy weight loss as it expels fatty deposits, and it is excellent to include it in your tea.

Turmeric, on the other hand, is great for your skin, improves the function of the liver, and contains strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Below is the recipe for cinnamon turmeric tea which is per se a natural anti-inflammatory remedy


  • 1-2 Tbsp. black or green looseleaf tea (or a tea bag, depends how you prefer it)
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp. turmeric
  • 1 tsp.+ stevia, honey, or any type of sweetener you’d like
  • lemon slices, optional

How to prepare it:

Put the cinnamon, tea, turmeric, and sweetener to the bottom of a French press. Or, if you go with the tea bag, heat up a cup of water and put the teabag in the water. Let it saturate for several minutes and mix in the other ingredients.

Add water to the French press till it’s half full and let it steep for 3-5 minutes, stir it, and press. Once the concoction cools off add ice in a cup and pour the tea in. It’s now ready to drink. You can add some lemon slice just to make it extra healthy and refreshing.

Here are some of the health benefits of cinnamon, turmeric, and green tea.


Experts have found that of the 26 most popular herbs and spices in the world cinnamon takes the first place due to its medicinal attributes. Below are some of the ways cinnamon can help improve health:

– it’s an excellent source of manganese and calcium
excellent source of antioxidants
– it has anti-inflammatory properties
– improves heart health
helps against diabetes
– facilitates brain function
lowers the risk of cancer 
– wards off allergies
– is a natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent
– improves the immune system


According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, Turmeric has been used for over 4,000 years to treat a variety of conditions. Studies show that turmeric may help fight infections and some cancers, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive problems. 

– reduces inflammation
– lowers the risk of cancer
– helps with digestion
– improves brain and heart health
– relieves arthritis symptoms


Green tea has plenty of health benefits which come from the strong anti-oxidant polyphenols it’s packed with, and it helps fight chronic diseases and neutralize free radicals (cell-damaging molecules). Here’s what else green tea helps with:

– regulates blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes
– reduces inflammation in the gut that can cause diseases like IBS or Crohn’s
– lowers the risk of cancer
– lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol
– reduces the risk of heart diseases
– improves liver health
– promotes weight loss
– has anti-inflammatory properties
– enhances cognitive function



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