How To Make Natural Herbal Oil To Heal Sunburns

Which is the truth about the oil treatments and their benefits in healing sunburns? Does this oil protect us from the sun?


Olive oil

Cold-pressed, clean, additive-free olive oil has low sun protection factor. Most of this protection is manifested through reflection of the sunlignt from the skin area where the oils is applied. Olive oil can be also used as a protection against ultraviolet light.


St. John’s wort oil


It has the opposite effect, meaning it increases the effect of the sun, because of its photosensitive properties. This oil works best when applied on sunburns, and does not protect against dangerous sunlight.

If you still spent too much time on the beach, apply some St.John’s wort oil on the sunburns, and avoid sun exposure to prevent any further skin damage.

Lavender oil

Calms skin and sunburns. It has low sun protection factor and is mostly used as a skin care product, in skin lichen treatments, as well as a massage oil, mostly because of its pleasant smell and ability to improve circulation.

How to make healing herbal oil?

The process of making homemade oil from healing herbs is called maceration, or separation of the active ingredients from fresh herbs in an oil solution, in factory conditions of high temperature and high pressure, in order to reduce the duration of the process. Herbal oil differs from essential oil.

Essential oil obtained from healing herbs represents the oil and fragrant essence of the herbs, and herbal oil is a solution of the herbs in some of the regular types of oil.


Read more about the most simple way to prepare herbal oil at your home:

1. Pick some fresh, healthy and clean herbs

2. Put the herbs in a jar

3. Add some stable oil, for example olive or sunflower oil, stir well and leave it for a while. If you are using cold pressed sunflower oil, which has better properties because of the vitamins A and E, you will have to be more carefull when handling it, because it can easily spoil.

4. Keep the jar on a warm place or exposed to direct sunlight for 3-4 weeks. You can also heat the jar on a low temperature for 24 hours, as an alternative or faster way of preparation.

5. Stir the content once in a while in both ways of preparation

After your oil is done, strain it using a gauze and keep it in a clean glass bottle. Store the bottle on a cold and dark place to avoid any changes in the healing properties.


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