How To Plant Lemon In A Cup At Home (Smells So Good!)

Lemons are tasty. Healthy and refreshing. You can grow these in your own home, and all you need is a few lemon seeds.

Start a lemon tree from seeds

The first thing you should do is buy organic lemons. Remove the seeds, and move on to the next step. You will need potting soil (a combo of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite), compost, and cup/small container. Lemons like sunny spots!

Easy steps to plant lemons in cups

1. Fill up the container

Fill the container of your choice with soil. Leave one inch at the top. Moisten the soil.

2. Get the seeds

You need about 5-10 seeds from an organic lemon. Wash them well.

3. Plant moist seeds

Your seeds need to be moist. Keep them moist even after you have planted them. Make sure the pointy end of the seed is turned downward.

4. The right planting

Cover the seed with half an inch of soil. Press the soil gently and water it through a light mist.

5. Cover up!

Cover the top of the container with plastic wrap. Seal it well and poke a few holes.

6. The right spot

Keep the container in a sunny spot. Moist the soil once it gets dry. Don’t overwater it.

7. First shoots appear in two weeks

Remove the wrap, and don’t forget to water the sprout. Your plant needs at least eight hours of direct sunlight. Use organic fertilizer to provide optimal growth.

Extra tips

Using seeds to grow a lemon tree provides different results. Commercial lemon trees are grafted to produce, and baby trees look the same as the “parent.” Seeds from hybrid lemon trees don’t develop the same plant as their “parent.”

Combine peat moss, perlite and vermiculate to provide optimal growth and to keep the plant well moist. Seedlings thrive best at 70 degrees F.

Place the seeds in a small cup. Once the plant develops its first leaves, transplant it into a big container. You need about 5-10 seeds to enjoy optimal lemon tree production.

Always use organic, water-soluble fertilizer packed in potassium every other week. Lemon trees grow best in USDA zones 8-11. Be patient. You will enjoy the first fruits in three 3-15 years.

Health benefits of lemons

Lemons pack tons of nutrients, and you need to consume them regularly. We have listed some of their benefits.

1. Cleanse liver and blood

Add the juice of one lemon to a cup of warm water to cleanse your liver and bloodstream. Add honey for added effect. In this way you will push the toxins out of your body.

2. Vitamin C

Lemons give you the needed amount of vitamin C. This vitamin helps you relieve colds, sore throat, bronchial problems and fevers. Combine equal parts of fresh lemon juice and warm water. Rinse your mouth with lemon juice and spit it out. Rinse it again with water.

3. Heart

Fiber in lemons reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Lemon water and regular walks will lower your bloodstream as confirmed in a research.

4. Oral health

Lemon juice keeps your gums healthy. The lack of vitamin C leads to bleeding and sore gums.

5. Hair

Add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of water. Rinse your hair with this to keep it healthy and shiny. This treatment eliminates dandruff and soothes oily scalp.

6. Kidney issues

Lemon juice optimize the function of your kidneys. Citric acid prevents the accumulation of uric acid, thus preventing the formation of stones. Lemon water tastes better than plain water, right?

7. Antibacterial effect

Lemon juice accelerates the healing of wounds. Clean wound with some lemon juice. It has a strong antibacterial and antioxidant effect thanks to its limonene content.

8. Aspirin-like effect

Add some lemon juice to your green tea to relieve headaches. You can use lemon juice to sweat and treat fever, cold, and other similar conditions.

9. Acne

Lemons have strong antifungal and antibacterial effect. Clean your skin and use freshly squeezed lemon juice as a toner. It shrinks pores and makes your skin tight. Lemon juice also destroys germs while keeping your skin acne-free.

Be careful, lemon juice makes your skin sensitive to sun. Don’t go out right after using it. Lemon juice lightens age spots and discolorations.

Enjoy watching your lemon tree grow from a seed. Use its fruits to optimize your health. Lemon water is the tastiest and most refreshing drink you will have in your morning. Organic fruits can do wonders!



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