How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Cranberry -- powerful fighter when it comes to urinary tract infections

Cranberry is very powerful fighter against urinary tract infections. It has properties which change the bacteria’s behavior and prevent urinary tract infections. You can drink both cranberry tea and cranberry juice but doctors say the juice is more beneficial.

People who have catheter are recommended to drink cranberry juice on a regular basis in order to prevent urinary tract infection because they are more exposed to bacteria. This is because bacteria can easily reach the urinary tract using the catheter as their path.


Both cranberry tea and juice have compounds which affect adhesion bacteria mechanism i.e. they prevent bacteria from sticking on the urinary tract’s walls thus preventing urinary tract infections.

You can also find cranberry powder which is said to be as effective when it comes to fighting urinary tract inflammation, bacteria or other problems. Scientists claim that cranberry has efficiency in many other infections. Unfortunately, only their urinary tract efficiency has been proved.

Combined natural remedy for proper bladder work:

Ingredients needed:

-100 grams of fresh parsley

-100 grams of celery root

-150 grams of acacia honey

Method of preparation:

Mix 100 grams of freshly chopped parsley and 100 grams of freshly chopped celery root with 150 grams of acacia honey. Add half a liter of water to this mixture and put it on fire. Heat up until the water starts to boil.

After this, cook for another 2 minutes by occasionally stirring. Leave the mixture to cool down, strain it and do not drink it for the next three days.

After those three days have passed, consume 0,5 dl of this remedy, three times a day half an hour before meals. Repeat this procedure for seven days straight. After you run out of the remedy, make a seven days break. After the break you can repeat the therapy again.

After this therapy your kidneys will be clean, healthy and fully functional.


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