I Never Thought I’d Thank You For Letting Me Go

Every loss and failure comes for a greater achievement. Being left for someone else may be the best thing that will happen in your life. It’s a sign, and it had to happen.

It means that you are open for other greater things. Let’s take a moment and thank that person.

1. Thank them for giving up on you

This gave you strength and will to move on and live your best life. You have a chance to find yourself again. First, you will question every little thing in life, and you may even hate yourself. Guess what…

You were more than enough, and it’s time to give yourself the love you deserve. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve better.

2. Thank them for all the lies

A liar will teach you how to recognize other liars. They showed you that it’s really possible to fake an entire relationship. They taught you how to keep your sanity and stop being someone’s puppet. You are much more than a person who feeds someone’s ego.

3. Thank them for putting themselves first

A person who puts themselves first encourages you to do the same. You become your own priority. It’s time to choose yourself. Choosing other was never good for you, and that’s one of the best lessons you will get in life.

Choosing a disrespectful partner is a terrible mistake. Focus on yourself, and always put yourself first. Don’t be someone’s second choice.

Don’t let others define your worth. You are an awesome person, and don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

4. Thank them for not fighting for you the way you fought for them

You fought for someone who didn’t even think of you? Well, congratulations, you have just learned how to recognize someone who will just waste your time. You can never force someone to love you.

You can’t change someone’s heart, and you can’t force love. When everything is fine, both hearts dance with the same rhythm. Run away from complicated people. They are no good.

Thank that person for letting you go. You got a second chance for life. Use it well, and don’t waste it for nothing. Do all the things you love in life without worrying whether someone will hate you for that.

Self-love is important, and it will keep you alive in this world. It will help you survive in this harsh world. Don’t hold on to the wrong person. Hold on to yourself. You matter.

A breakup may be hard, but it will teach you some of the most important lessons in life. It will teach you how to love yourself. Transform your negative experience into something brilliant.

Turn your nightmare into strength. Use it to fuel your power. It’s not the end of the world. It’s time to grow again. Start from scratch. Start from the ache in your chest. Use it to do something good about your life.



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