I’m A ‘Mean Mom’

How would you describe today’s moms? Too strict or too mild? Parenting is all about love, and that’s one of the most important things your children should learn in life. How about teaching tough love?

We were raised by strict parents who made us do chores, and didn’t even care about our silly drawings. They didn’t tolerate any of our sassiness, and we promised ourselves to be “better” parents. Are you a better parent?

There is in rulebook, but our parents knew what they were doing. We called them mean. Well, we have one “mean mom,” and she is here to teach you a thing or two about parenting.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Liz Nielman!

“I make them follow rules.

I punish them when they don’t.

I make them do chores.

Even when they’re tired.

I say no.

A lot.

I enforce an early bedtime.

I push them to do hard things.

I take them to piano and baseball and soccer even when they don’t feel like going.

I don’t let them eat buckets of candy.

I make them read their books.

And study for their spelling tests.

I make them wear bike helmets even though they hate it.

I won’t let them drink soda.

Or watch that rated R movie.

I don’t give them everything they want.

I may not always be popular. I may not always make the decision they want me to, or the one they think is right.

But I love you to pieces. I’ll protect you. I’ll care for you. I’ll fight for you. I’ll try my best to give you the best life imaginable.

And sometimes by doing that, I have to be what you think is “mean”.

And that’s OK.”

Raising a responsible adult is important, but we tend to deny them of chances to learn. Why would you do that to your kid? Let them learn a few things on their own.

Have you ever said anything like this:

“It’s easier if I do the dishes, they won’t do them right”

“They’re too young to clean their room”

“If they vacuum, I’ll just have to do it again afterwards”

“They should have fun now, they can work for the rest of their lives”

Of course you have. Almost every parent does this to their kids, and that’s when we all make a mistake.

Stop doing chores for your children, because they won’t be able to recognize their responsibilities in future. Let your kids learn. Laziness is the worst teacher.

Let them fail, because failure is an incredible mentor. It’s part of the learning process. You won’t be able to overcome a failure as an adult if you haven’t failed as a kid.

Children have to live with the consequences of their actions. They forgot a notebook at home? For the third time in the week? Don’t even think of getting in your car and dropping it off.

Failure makes kids responsible and they will learn how to grow up into great adults. A mean mom is a good mom, and you have to repeat this until you understand it. Do things the hard way, and your child will be grateful.



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