In Memory Of Our Loved Ones Who Left Us Too Soon

Losing a loved one is the worst nightmare a person can experience. Friends come over to help you survive the loss. But, nothing can replace a loved one, and nobody can help you cope with the loss. It’s all in your head.

Would you like to be given an opportunity to call a loved one who has just passed away? Is it possible to communicate with them?

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. But, your loved ones may have a way to communicate with you.

We give you 8 situations in which a loved one has tried to communicate with you:

1. Dreams

Have you ever dreamed about this person? When you sleep, your vibrational energy matches the higher energy of the spirits. In this way they can reach out to you.

Is it just a dream? Maybe you are thinking too much of your loved one. Well, if you have recurring dreams maybe you should pay attention to that.

2. Songs

Your special song may come on the radio or TV. It may be a random incident, but you will notice it right away. It’s a sign so don’t dismiss it.

3. Sense

A smell, touch, taste, sight or sound may make you remember a loved one. Can you notice the connection with your loved one? Your sense isn’t lying to you. It may be a spice or a perfume. The scent will prickle your senses.

4. Numbers

Anniversaries, birthdays, a special day… It may be any number that represents a special day. A loved one will choose a special number because it represents a milestone.

They will use it to contact you after their death. If you see these numbers, chances are someone is trying to contact you.

5. You see them

You may be sinking in your own thoughts. But, is that really the person you are thinking of? Is it possible to see someone in your peripheral vision? If you think it’s them, your loved one may be trying to contact you. Turn around. There’s nobody there, right?

6. You feel their presence at funerals

Their memory will always be fresh in your mind. Everyone is in tune with their feelings, and souls may try to reach out to their loved one. It may be a touch on your shoulder or a caress on your skin. Vivid memories are also possible.

Psychic James Van Praagh explains that people attend funerals to confront a loved one. They do this easily because people are too distracted by the pain to pay attention to all the “strange” things around them.

7. You lose or find objects at strange places

These objects may be important to you or a loved one. It may be a photo, earrings, rings… The object has to have a special meaning to you.

8. Animals

Animals can sense higher energies. Spirits sync their energies with that of animals. Does your cat behave unusually? It may stop in front of you or peck at you through the window. The animal may even “talk” to you. Yes, it’s a sign.

Can you reach out to a deceased person?

Yes. There are some ways to do this.

You can speak loudly. They won’t answer, but you will believe they are around you. Meditate or reach out to them in your dreams.

Hold an item they used frequently and think of them. Visit a medium to reach out to a loved one.

Can you communicate with the dead?

We won’t even mention Ouija boards and other séances. We refer to the communication between the living and the Dead. Truth is, mediums are real. Unfortunately, there are so many people who try to take your money selling you fake stories.

Kerrie Erwin is a professional medium, author and energy worker. She is gifted with the ability to communicate with dead people.

“When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died, and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal. It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns with living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones.”

Ordinary people can communicate with a loved one

A study involving elderly widows and widowers in Wales revealed that 13 percent f them were able to hear the voice of a loved one. Fourteen percent said they have seen a loved one, and 3 percent felt their touch. About 39 percent still feel the presence of a loved ne.

Your memories will always be here to remind you of the great person you lost. These signs are actually a way to deal with the loss. Don’t be scared.



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