It’s Called Integrity

What’s your definition of integrity? For some, it’s the quality of being honest and supporting strong moral principles.

People with integrity make it easier for us to trust them. They are excellent working buddies and loyal friends. A person with integrity will be the best partner you will ever have. They keep their promises and help you overcome every obstacle in life.

How to tell if someone has integrity?

1. Their word and promise matter

You can rely on them for every plan and idea. They won’t disappear. A person will integrity will always stick to the plan. No surprises. No disappointment.

2. They support “the right”

People with integrity stand up for others and always support the good side. They will never bully others. They are here to bring justice and balance relations.

3. They expect from others the same things they expect from themselves

A person with integrity doesn’t ask you to do them a favor they’d never return. They know what they are talking about. A person with integrity will never judge you. They will lift you up and accept your imperfections. They have already accepted their “bad side.”

4. They are leaders

Leaders are always accountable for the final outcome. They are confident about their leadership role, and they accept pretty much every responsibility life throws at them. If things don’t work well, they take responsibility for their mistakes and imperfections. Nobody is perfect, remember?

5. They take action first

They are the first to take action. You will never see them sit back and wait for you to make a move. They always have a plan B. plan C. failure doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. These people have the strength to move on and solve a problem.

Have you noticed any of these traits in your friends? Yes? Congratulations, you have surrounded yourselves with great people. You can always rely on them.



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