Just One Single Glass Of Rice Water And You Will Be Amazed What Happens Next!

Rice goes well with your delicious curry dish, you enjoy it several times a week, it is affordable and healthy. Who could have asked for more? Yes, you can always get more.

When cooking rice, you probably end up with a descent amount of cloudy, whitish liquid that probably ends up in your sink.

Well, you may want to consider changing things here. We give you a hand in this, and some useful tips on how to use your remaining rice water in service of your health.

The first thing you need to do is preserve it, then finish reading this article.

Rise water has some amazing features and benefits, so add it to your ‘drink list.’

Most of you already know this, but here are some detailed instructions for those who do not know how to prepare their own rice water. If there are any.

  1. First, put your rice and clean water into a saucepan or pot.
  2. Bring the liquid to its boiling point, and once your rice is cooked through, turn the heat off.
  3. Drain your rice, and preserve it in a bowl for any further use.
  4. Your final product should look like cloudy, white liquid, and that is your rice water.

A glass of rice water is just enough to enhance your health, and here is what rice water does to your body:

Rich source of energy

Rice water is high in carbohydrates, so it gives your body an instant energy. Human bodies require regular intake of carbs, in order to run its normal processes. Drink a glass of rice water in the morning and enjoy an amazing energy burst throughout the day.


Fiber in rice water stimulates metabolism and supports a healthy digestive function. Starches also do good to your body, as they trigger the development of healthy bacteria in the body.


We lose a lot of water in summer, due to high temperatures and excessive sweating. Drink a glass of rice water to keep your tissues hydrated.

Viral infections

Rice water prevents water loss, and some people like using it in their fever treatment. The cloudy liquid restores lost fluids and stimulates healing.


Rice water is a super efficient home remedy for diarrhea, and both adults and children can get some benefits. Babies are prone to infections and ailments like diarrhea.

These should be prevented and treated on time, because harsh dehydration is the last thing your cute baby needs. According to a recent study, rice water does well in controlling runs and stool recurrence in newborns.


A glass of rice water a day decreases your risk of developing cancer.

Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists cannot explain how this happens, but rice water prevents the development of Alzheimer’s. Enjoy a glass of rice water before you notice any symptoms.


Oryzanol in rice water prevents the damage induced by dangerous UV rays. Rice water helps your skin manage the effect of sun during hot summer days.

We hope that this article will be of great help for you. Share it with your friends, family and everyone you know and help them use the benefits rice water provides.

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