Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides Naturally With This Homemade Remedy Made of Just 2 Ingredients

People are getting more aware of the fact that increased blood lipids harm overall health. Most of them decide to seek for a natural solution to their problem. In this article we give you a super-simple and efficient remedy.

Fast lifestyle, poor diet and insufficient physical activity make the condition even worse. In some cases, increased blood lipids cause yellowish fatty buildups in the upper eyelid or any other part of the body, but unfortunately there are not many symptoms in the initial phase of the condition.

This condition thickens the walls of the blood vessels, causes atherosclerosis, which is also triggered by other risk factors, including smoking, alcohol, and nicotine. Eventually, this causes the most common cerebrovascular diseases that are the leading cause of death in the US, and in the world in general.

Lab tests are the only way to diagnose the disease. If you struggle with this condition, try this recipe, and we guarantee that it will significantly improve your condition.


  • Dried figs
  • Organic apple cider vinegar


Always make the remedy in the evening, and take it in the morning. Take 3 dried figs and prick them well using a toothpick. Put them in a jar and pour in 2 dl of apple cider vinegar. If you make the remedy at 8 pm, eat your figs at 8 am.

Do not throw away the vinegar and use it again to soak another 3 dried figs. Use the same vinegar for 7 days, but the figs will absorb most of it. On day 8 change the vinegar and repeat the whole procedure for another week.

The whole treatment lasts for fourteen days. You should also eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Do your regular check-up after half a month and watch the miracle happen.


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